Looking To Get Your Singapore PR Application Approved?

We are an agency in Singapore specializing in advising on Singapore PR application for foreigners who are looking to get a Singapore permanent residency approved successfully.

If you are highly interested to be one of the estimated 30,000 Singapore PR who are approved yearly, but not sure about your eligibility criteria, confused about your Singapore permanent residence application or what information you need, our company can advise you.

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How can you apply for and get your Singapore permanent residency PR application approved?

There are two ways you can do this for you and/or your family members.

You can either apply online yourself or the more popular way for busy professionals in Singapore is to use an agency like us. We help you by guiding you and applying for your Singapore PR with the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA, and get your PR status approved successfully. Our company will search and provide advice on the best way for you to get your PR status approved, because while the husband or wife route is suitable for others, perhaps the investor GIP is more suited for you.

How can you become an applicant and do your PR application submission online for ePR?

You can access website document forms links by Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA from government of Singapore online, or you can simply use our services, as processing time for your status from being an applicant to an approved permanent resident can potentially take many long years or even a decade.

How long does a PR application take?

Procedure and results will range roughly four to six months duration in Singapore, if documents are in order. If validity or documents are not in order, it will take much longer than that.

Can work permit holders qualify?

Under ICA’s terms, work permit visas / work pass employment pass holders are ineligible for PR in Singapore. Minimum work holder eligibility qualifications for PTS scheme is a VISA S pass for your employment pass. S pass VISA holder is the minimum tier for employment pass workers need to be eligible for PR. Note you need to have the right employment pass scheme / S pass from your companies first.

Here is a list of groups of people who are eligible to apply for Singapore permanent residence:

For a reading list of the type of eligibility scheme guidelines, a foreigner individual applicant may be eligible for Singapore PR if you are (different type of criteria – PR schemes or categories):

  • Foreigner spouse of a Singapore citizen (Singaporean) or spouse of a Singapore PR
  • Spouse and unmarried children aged younger than 21 years old of age, and a child born within the context of a legal marriage to, or as a child legally adopted by, citizens or Singapore PR
  • Have close family ties to or Singapore citizens as immediate family members. E.g. you are the aged parents of Singapore citizens or residents (get a Singapore PR or become Singapore citizen, you can provide long term visit pass for parents or immediate family ties full sponsorship – spouse and unmarried children or child under age 21 years old in future in Singapore)
  • Employment Pass VISA or S-Pass holder under the Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS scheme). Yes the higher your money salary proof from your companies or employer, the higher your PTS scheme chances among other factors. Keep in mind proof of salary and background supporting documents from your tax return and/or employer is required to use Professionals Technical Personnel PTS scheme. Note it is ideal that you have been under this length of employment position or work experience for the same company, business or employer for several years in employment pass length to stand the highest chances. Stable salary of at least around $6,000 to $8,000 up to $12 000 if include family profile and employment length for years with good employer under PTS scheme in the local economy is a strong factor
  • Student getting a local education in a Singapore institute – e.g. still getting education or pursuing a degree
  • Foreign investors from different countries around the world, entrepreneurs or business owner in Singapore society who make investment plan of at least minimum amount of 2.5 million in the Global Investor Programme GIP fund scheme. Entrepreneurs and investors can use global investor GIP investment fund schemes by Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). GIP investor or entrepreneurs making GIP investment in eligible businesses which incorporated their businesses in Singapore and approved by Singapore Economic Development Board
Not sure if you are considered as one of the above groups considered by Singapore’s immigrations authorities?
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Why do so many Singapore permanent residents to-be always like to find us for our consultancy for their PR application in Singapore? This is exactly why that is the case.

If you are similar to our other customers who look for our relocation services, you are looking to start a new life and sink roots in Singapore. Perhaps, you want to enjoy the benefits (stay in Singapore, better property loans, work opportunities in Asia, companies, Central Provident Fund, healthcare) our country offers, while still having the benefits of keeping your current country citizenship.

Our institute has solid track record, parent or parents stay in country with and get your PR application with our agency

The process can be complicated and confusing. Note some common reasons for permanent residence application rejection:

Firstly, insufficient details and info documents for your Singapore PR status and incomplete forms are common reasons. Even one seemingly small mistake within your PR application form will usually get a rejection for your application.

A number of constant rejection is what people who are not thorough experience. The permanent resident application approval process in Singapore to become a Singapore PR is usually more complex in reality.
stressed then use our immigration specialists in Singapore who will search for your rights and approach opportunity route

Secondly, the government of Singapore Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of the government of Singapore, has reduced number of person and applicants approved yearly after 2008 by a lot – 50 per cent compared to history statistics – thousands. If you are citizens from regions other than Malaysia citizenship or demographics, your application can appear to be harder.

If your application form does not demonstrate lots of benefits, contributions and commitment you provide and basically being an asset to Singapore society, it will be declined and you will be unable to become one of the new 30 000 yearly Singapore PR in our country. Society contributions and engagements increase your chances.

Thirdly, most of our Singapore PR applicant candidates who go through our agency are also busy professionals and are individuals who do not have the time and energy to go through the tedious and complex efforts required.

The amount of paperwork and research needed when applying to become Singapore PR can be truly overwhelming and a turn off for most to do PR application on their own! Applications also feel like an extra full time job to our customers when they try to do it themselves!

What are the benefits of working with an immigration agency and consultant such as ours?

1. Good news! Our immigrations experts provides consultation service for you

Knowing the ins-and-outs of how things are processed in Singapore in the field at our fingertips (trends and developments) and what MHA and ICA office government officers take into account factors and consideration is important to succeed, and ask Jamie ICA information can’t assist applicant there. Good news, that is what our team and employees specialize in. We guide you through the account process step by step.

Our PR application services in Singapore also include advising males on the Enlistment Act for National Service or military service liability, whereby you are required to serve National Service (NS) training and up to 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service 40 days yearly for the duration of the military service or Operationally Ready National Service training cycle till age 50 years old for NS officers ranks and 40 for other National Service ranks (applies to Singaporeans citizens and some with active granted PR status).

We provide thorough assistance for you to apply for permanent residence application and how you can significantly improve probability of getting your PR application status in Singapore approved easily.

2. Our professionals help you navigate the permanent residency forms

Our company will be handholding you throughout the entire process of your PR application. Think of our PR application service in Singapore as the top guide in Singapore to help you navigate through the complex online system.

When you apply for permanent residence, you cannot skip any questions if you don’t know how to fill document form section correctly.
applying for permanent residence visa and on the search for an agency then use us

Additionally, there is also a processing time frame provided within which a candidate must submit your PR applications, otherwise, your entire submission will be voided. Every new submission will get harder. Our company tries to get you a pass on the first attempt with maximum impact.

Our business fees includes the whole package to become a Singapore PR. Our business helps you figure out the best kind of scheme for you, whether that be the PTS scheme, business and GIP scheme, S-pass holders or other schemes, and guide you through the document requirements. Our employees will handhold you throughout this entire process to completion – do it for you and improve your probability for getting approved.

3. We analyse your provided details for any small errors

Small mistakes are often made by people – yet every mistake in any of the details, information and documents submitted within the document form is viewed as atrocious by the team workers who work at ICA government office. Even the slightest mistake will not get an approval from them. We pay extreme care to detail.

Our business role as your Singapore agent is to help you analyse and find every single potential mistake that in your background document info like education level, proof of stay in Singapore and more. With our service ability, your PR status will be virtually guaranteed of a smooth process with our Singapore consultancy agency helping you go through your submission and also any requirements to make sure everything is on point.

Our agency wants to apply perfectly the first time for you so as to get the best impression from the local authorities for your successful approval. We will advise you on anything on the articles, education, employment information and documents authorities look for and you lack so you can gather the best evidence and document list for their decision.

4. We help you ace your CV letter

Permanent residency applications and PR status approval in Singapore are automated – there are no interviews in Singapore for PR applicants. The ICA enquiry employees make their decision discreetly and you cannot ‘ask Jamie ICA’ questions. This means even if you send in your details and explanatory notes within your form perfectly but no good supporting high school, family ties or family profile, work track record recommendation letters etc, it may not result in approval. The authorities need to be persuaded why you are better than the thousands of applicants with similar qualifications.

Also, even if you have assimilated to the Singapore culture and made contribution to the country, your PR application and documents must show that. Otherwise, you getting permanent residence in Singapore is nearly impossible if you do not show what they search for. That is certainly not what you want if you want your status approved successfully.

documentary list explanatory notes

Even if you are not the ‘perfect’ PR applicant, our company will make your application, documents, notes and copy statements as perfect as can be, portray the best version of you possible while still remaining factually accurate in your claims when we are applying permanent residency in Singapore for you.

What are you waiting for? Do not waste years on this process. We can help you speed it up quickly with reasonable fees.

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