What Allows One To Become Eligible For A PR In Singapore?

How can you become eligible for a Singapore PR? Here are some of the very basic things to do with your identity, and citizenship status for you to qualify among other factors. You only need to fall under at least one of the following categories.

Firstly, you could be a spouse of a current Singaporean citizen or a current PR. Keep in mind that if you are married to one, it does not automatically confer the status onto you as well. It simply means that you are under one of the categories which ICA is willing to consider reading your application and potentially approve of.

Second of all, if you happen to be an unmarried child of a citizen or a permanent resident of our country, then you can also apply for your own status if not yet already done by your parents for you. In such a case, either you or your parents can do it for you, depending on your current age.

Thirdly, if you hold either a S pass, Personalised Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass or Employment Pass, you can potentially be approved for your submission. Keep in mind that regular work passes such as those issued to regular construction workers do not qualify for this.

Fourthly, if you are willing to invest a minimum of $2,500,000 SGD into a Singapore based business or in a Global Investor Programme GIP approved fund which invests in Singapore incorporated corporations, you can be eligible to a PR status, among other factors to be considered by ICA eventually as well.

Fifthly, if you are the aged parents of a Singaporean. If you are a citizen, and you want your aged parents to become a PR in our country, then your parents are eligible, albeit this alone does not automatically confer an automatic approval.

Finally, if you or your child have a Student Pass, have lived in Singapore for a minimum of two years and have also passed at least 1 local based national exam – PSLE, N/O/A levels. Alternatively, they could be enrolled in one of the local Integrated Programme schools. Keep in mind that studying in SG alone does not automatically mean guaranteed approval. There are still other factors within that, but every additional bit helps increase your chances!

Keep in mind that the above are the bare minimum standards that you or your family member has to have before being able to qualify to apply. For other factors which will be deeply considered by ICA, you can feel free to contact us to find out more!