Why Your Friend Got Singapore PR While You Got Rejected

If both you and your friend, who is supposedly highly similar in details to you, tried applying for a Singapore permanent residence by yourselves, it does not mean that both of you will automatically get accepted. Even if on paper both of you have similar qualifications and more, it does not automatically mean both of you will get the same results for the PR status.rejected

Firstly, unless you submitted the documents together with him or her, side by side, and filling up every single question asked by ICA together, and have the near identical cover letter and on the same day and time, there is a high chance that one of you did not fill in one part properly, or the way that ICA wants. This is a common issue, and it is not just about careless mistake. It is about whether you filled in the relevant portions, and gave the documents as the way that ICA prefers.

Secondly, your family background can matter, and we are not talking about the financial background. We are talking about heritage. If you or your friend happen to have some family members, even if they are not immediate but are extended family members, who are Singaporeans or permanent residents already, that will tilt the odds in that applicant’s favour when it comes to applying for a local PR.

Thirdly, does your friend know another language like English or Mandarin which you may not necessarily know? As Singapore’s main two languages used are English and Mandarin, if an applicant can demonstrate that he or she is able to speak both languages fluently, even if the racial descent is neither Chinese or Caucasian, it can significantly help improve the chances. This is because the local government will likely favour those who are able to assimilate into the local culture and languages easily, instead of only speaking their home language.

While the above points may not seem like big points to some of you, they, among other factors, are and can be seen as very important criteria for ICA. Therefore, even some seemingly ‘small’ points can tilt the odds and chances of getting a PR status granted heavily in the applicant’s favour. For instance, social integration may be seen as a minor factor to many people, but it is increasingly important!

Also, keep in mind that overall, it is also getting harder for new applicants to get their approval, because the government has cut back on the quota per year now. It will only get harder in future, so reach out to us if you need professional help by a professional registered consultancy like us now!