Appeal Letter To ICA For Rejected PR – Proven Guide

Looking for appeal letter to ICA related advice?

Here is a guide on whether you should write and submit an appeal letter to ICA or wait and re-apply instead.

Many people who submit a Singapore PR application to become a Singapore permanent resident receive a PR rejection letter from Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). If ICA told you that you got your PR rejected, you are not alone.

There are many reasons for getting your PR rejected. Reasons can range from missing supporting documents, incomplete forms, weak identity profiles or more. Unfortunately, ICA website also does not provide any reason for you getting your PR rejected.

You have 2 solutions – write and send a PR appeal letter to ICA or wait and re-apply

There are usually only two options for you at this time to obtain your Singapore permanent residence.

1) Write and submit an appeal letter to ICA for your PR rejection decision overturn

The first step or option will be to actually write and submit an appeal letter to ICA website regarding this matter within 2 months of the PR rejection date. PR appeal is actually a common route that is taken by many people in Singapore as there is minimal waiting time for you as well.

Are there example templates or sample appeal letter to ICA?

Some people ask us for an example of, or sample appeal letter to ICA template, but we strongly do not recommend that. Such an example or sample PR appeal letter is unlikely useful in itself. To know how to process your PR appeal successfully, we need to first understand how ICA works.

ICA does not approve PR appeal letters lightly for immigration to Singapore. This means that unless your case was a simple case of you having left out one crucial document in the initial process, you need to demonstrate clear and significant progress in terms of your profile versus what you had submitted in the original application.

When should you submit appeal letter to ICA for PR rejection?

Submitting an appeal letter to ICA is usually ideal if you had only missed out perhaps one or maximum two documents during your initial application. If so, then a PR appeal is your best option.

If your PR rejection was because of weak profile qualifications in the eyes of ICA, waiting and re-applying instead of trying to write an appeal letter to ICA is the smarter decision for you.

How long will ICA take to reply to your appeal letter?

The processing time is long-ranging. ICA can take from a few weeks or months to a year to reply to your appeal letter.

2) Wait and re-apply

The second option will be to re-apply again after first waiting for approximately 6 months or more. This is the recommended route if your profile is weak and was most likely the reason for getting your PR rejected. In such a case, you will need to demonstrate a significant improvement in your profile (for example your job, salary and more) first, then re-doing the whole process. It takes more time, but remember, you just need to get it approved once.

How long must you wait before re-applying?

Generally, you can submit your next application 6 months or more after the initial date stated.

During this waiting time, applicants should not do anything that can potentially ruin their chances. For instance, you definitely should not change job or company in the interim time unless it is to a significantly higher salary position at a prestigious company in Singapore. Every step you do in between now and re-applying has to be about improving your profile.