Social Integration In Singapore Is A Key Assessment Criteria

If you want the highest chances of getting your Singapore PR application approval, then the secret hiding in plain sight for immigrants is actually showing social integration into our society.

Social Integration

What it means is the process in which immigrants to a country – Singapore in our case, are integrated into the local fabric of society and how they socially interact and behave within the place.

The relevant authorities used to look more at qualifications – especially financial. However, due to changing sentiments by both the population, and hence the government, a more balanced approach of looking at both the new immigrant’s successful social integration and qualifications is taken now instead.

In fact, that is why among those applicants who have studied in SG before, how much they integrated into the school life with the locals is also taken into account and these people have a higher success rate! For a deeper read on this topic, read our post on whether studying locally can improve your chances of application success.

For those who did not do their education in the country, no worries. There are lots of ways in which you can show that you have socially integrated. For instance, spending documented time at local sports or cultural community events, donating to local registered causes and more are great ways of showing this. If you have not already done so, yet are serious about wanting to be a permanent resident, then start shifting at least part of your focus on status approval from economic contribution to social integration, and work on a balanced profile. This way, you stand the highest chance of success going forward.

In fact, some of the most common reasons for rejections, and hence people trying to appeal to ICA against rejection, is largely due to two reasons – qualifications and proof of integration into the local social life. So if you are an immigrant who wants to stay here for good, make sure to work on and demonstrate your efforts in social integration!