Why Many Expats Like To Live In Singapore And Become PR?

Lots of foreigners and expats flock to Singapore to live in, as well as to work. Why is that so? Here are some of the reasons why many like to live here, and why many also submit a PR application to become a Singapore permanent resident!

Our city is safe from natural disasters. This is just due to pure luck. Situated in a location where there are no volcanoes, no tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis, people need not worry about their house’s roof get torn off by huge winds during hurricane season, as there is no such thing here. That is also partly why the country has so many skyscrapers and gigantic shopping centres!

There are virtually no riots or protests around the country. While this does not necessarily mean that every single person is happy in the country, it means that they resort to other means to change and enact changes instead of taking to the streets and rioting. This can be a welcome scene for those who are based in more ‘messy’ locations right now who may be sick of the unrest resulting in violent riots.

Some also go through a PR application so that they can purchase property here cheaper, access cheaper loans, as well as benefit from the tax laws. Local tax laws only taxes individuals once, as there is no such thing as double taxation within Singapore itself. If you receive capital gains or dividends, they are free from tax, and thus many wealthy investors like to use this legal loophole.

When it comes to South East Asia, or even Asia in general, we are one of the rare few cities where English is the first language. Hong Kong is the closest comparison many like to make with Singapore, but if you prefer a place which is relatively less like Communist China or controlled by them, then here is the smarter choice. Therefore, while the city is not exactly run like the Western parts of the world at all, it being English speaking and relatively more Westernized is one of the main reasons why expats love to work here instead.

This does not mean there are no downsides to living in Singapore, but if the above are among your top priority when it comes to picking a location to stay in, then being a permanent resident here is probably a great choice for you, among other factors.

Also, a big tip for you – by being a permanent resident but without being a full citizen, you also get to reap all the upsides that the country offers you without any of the downsides such as NS liabilities (for some), and that is further explained here too.