How Long Does The Process Of Getting A PR Take In Singapore?

How long does it take your Singapore PR application to be approved?

The actual submission time you or the agent requires to send the documents over to the relevant authorities is actually nearly immediate – if you have all of the documents needed ready on your hands. The preparation of these necessary information and documents depends largely on the individual, and if you have been keeping records of these in the past so that you can find them all easily now.

Assuming that you have already submitted all the necessary details, then the following are rough guidelines for you.

While it is widely claimed by ICA that the average turnaround and processing time for a PR application is approximately four to six months, there has been wildly different experiences by applicants on the ground.

Some of the common reasons being:

  • Peak period – for instance, maybe this time of the year or this year, there are way more submissions to ICA for them to process. This makes the entire process slower for everyone. P.S. Many expats like to live in Singapore!
  • Lull period – on the other hand, if you happen to submit during a lower popularity period, then you will get a decision faster. However, this is not something that you should try to time, as all such information are kept confidential by the authorities, and if you are serious about becoming a PR, you should just submit as soon as possible.
  • Your qualifications and details are right on the fence – this means that the people in charge of processing are not overly confident about approving you, but still think you are clearly good enough to be considered seriously. This can result in them being on the fence about you. The best way to solve this problem is to make sure that you do not take any chances, and give them absolutely everything that puts you in the most positive light right from the first try.

Since PTS scheme is one of the most popular choices by people, a rough guideline for those readers who are intending to take this path in Singapore can expect anywhere from as fast as two to three weeks up till around two years.

If you have already gotten rejected, here is some advice on how to send your appeal letter to ICA for rejection decision overturn.