Apply Long Term Visit Pass For Parents Of SPR

Getting a long term visit pass LTVP from Immigrations Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for your elderly parents is possible if you are already have permanent residence.

Who else can you get LTVP for?

In fact, the long term visit pass LTVP is also open for S pass and Employment Pass holders who are interested in it for their family members, and is not just available for the parents. Some of the family members who can get the long term visit pass LTVP will be:

  • Your spouse
  • Your children
  • Parents in law
  • Step children

When you get this Long Term Visit Pass LTVP as a SPR for your parents, your parents will be able to have up to 2 years unlimited stay in Singapore most of the time. The only caveat is that LTVP application does not allow for your parents to work in Singapore, it is merely like a very long term social pass. This is not an issue for most people and their parents as most who get the Long Term Visit Pass LTVP for their parents are simply doing so to let their parents be able to live with their child (you) locally here in Singapore too.

However, in the unlikely event your parents wish to move over to pick up jobs, then yes they still can, if they have the relevant work visas.

Time it takes to get LTVP pass

When it comes to the application process for the LTVP, it can vary between a short 7 working days while there are actually also cases where people and their parents needed to wait up till around 6 weeks before they got it successfully. As you can possibly tell, there is quite a large range of time.

To check on this status, it is quite easy and either the sponsor (you) or your parent can check on their respective assigned Foreign Identification Number (FIN).