Things You Must NOT Do When Applying For PR In Singapore

Even if you are trying to speed up your application for Singapore PR and trying to increase the chances of you getting a successful submission, there are things you absolutely have to steer clear off, no matter how tempted some of you may feel like doing them.

We understand that the process can take some time, and you may get impatient, but the worst thing you can do is to jeopardize your chances of getting a PR forever! While immigration is still likely to be encouraged in the future, the future criteria may already get harder. So you definitely do not want to make things even more difficult for yourself by having a potentially illegal case on your end.

Do not bribe and do not be cheapskate!

Most recently, there was a bribery case where a lady could not afford an immigration agency’s services, and instead paid an unethical employee worker from that agency under the table to bribe an ICA officer to expedite the entire process and at a cheaper rate. In the end, the lady is being sentenced to jail in Singapore, and the people who conspired with her are being charged. Do not do things like this, as the truth will be out sooner or later. It may take months or years, but it will always surface eventually, and you will not like it then. Never bribe an ICA officer!

Submitting false documents knowingly!

Earlier on in 2020, there was a lady who tried using fake educational qualifications to get herself and her daughter to get approved for permanent residency application back in 2008 and 2009. However, it was found to be fake nearly 10 years later in 2017, and she was arrested. So keep this story in mind as we go about processing your submission for you. No matter how tempted you feel like cheating, and no matter how safe you think you may be even if you got approved now, do not lie on anything you submit to ICA knowingly. We will help to portray you in the best but factually accurate light. Do not let something silly like submitting fake documents to haunt you for years, and potentially come back to bite you many years later. It is not worth losing your peace of mind.