2020 Singapore GE Likely Cause Govt To Put Citizens & PR 1st

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 GE in Singapore, one can be assured that more pressure and scrutiny will be placed on the local government to provide benefits and more first to citizens and permanent residents over all others in the country. This means that getting your Singapore PR application approved as soon as possible will be more important than ever before so you can enjoy these too.

Some of the main areas which are discussed by nearly all parties recently has been about healthcare, education and jobs, but mainly about education and jobs over the long term.

Some sensitive points raised by Singapore locals on the grounds are that far more assistance within education and in particular, foreigners allegedly are getting strong priority for new jobs over citizens and permanent residents, creating unhappiness in locals.

However, due to changing political climate, the government has been highly pressured to reconsider many of its past policies, and possibly will do so even more after tonight’s results, regardless of it.

It is likely to result in vast shifting of resources to providing more opportunities, grants and potential cash help to the locals. This means that if you have been considering becoming a PR here, you should do so quickly. This is so that you can leverage the advantages that you will soon only be able to receive as a local, and no longer as a foreigner.

Also, one of the things which have more or less been confirmed by the government even before the Elections have been held is that the targeted immigration goals will unlikely change at all due to supposed confirmation and clarifications about targeted population. This means that getting your PR application approved will no longer be easier. It is thus imperative that you always keep your documents in order, and truly contribute to the country so that you can quickly enjoy the local benefits too!

Update in September 2020:

Since our post above a few months ago, we have been proven right in our projections with the trend in policies that the government has been taking so far.