Singapore’s Rapid Recovery From COVID Related Lockdowns

Even though Singapore has also been affected by COVID in 2020, the country as a whole has since been reopening steadily since phase 2 of late June 2020, and has seen extremely well controlled, detected cases of COVID, and as a result of that, if you walked about Singapore now, you will notice that it is almost 100% back to business!

In fact, just a few days ago, phase 3 preparations were announced and we are expecting to enter it extremely soon. This is good news because – detected infection rates are very low in Singapore, and death rates are even lower than that! Additionally, people can get on with their lives and businesses, and thus saving as many jobs as possible.

Perhaps, it is just nightclub entertainment and some tourism related industries which are still hit heavily. Outside of that, with such a few good recovery, that is why Singapore continues to attract lots of immigration from people all around the world and this phenomenon is still happening this year too!

That is actually one of the reasons why Singapore has to always reject far more people trying to become a permanent resident here, as there is overwhelming demand for migration here and applying for PR. In fact, despite the pandemic in 2020, our country has been doing well on the whole ever since late June, and is back to normal except for approximately 1 to 2% of local activities (of course, and travelling). Would you not love to live in such a country like ours which is safe, and with reasonable and quick recoveries, unlike certain other countries such as some in Europe where draconian, socialist governments are shutting everyone down and everyone up?

If you got your prior PR application rejected, here is some advice on how to write appeal letter to ICA.

One of the biggest concerns by people is their elderly parents, whom they often picture as being vulnerable in their existing homes, far away from them. However, you need not worry! Get your own PR status approved FIRST. This is because you can apply for long term visit pass for parents of SPR. So rest assured, and simply apply for yourself first!