How Do Growing Nationalism Affect New PRs In Singapore?

Many governments and people around the world are having increasing nationalism sentiments, exacerbated by politics in the USA, and then followed by Brexit. We are not here to discuss the politics of it, as we strongly do not believe if there is a right or wrong answer. However, what we do believe is that it will affect migrations around the world, including Singapore!

To add onto that, COVID related lockdowns (thankfully Singapore has recovered quickly, at least locally) have led people to realize the sheer importance of a country putting its local businesses and own people first, and independence. These growing nationalism sentiments are also growing in Singapore.

The way we view it, this is not a trend which is going away anytime soon, and in fact, will only get stronger and stronger across the world. Because the locals are the ones who put the government in place, the politicians will have to listen to these sentiments, or it will be a matter of time before they get removed forcibly from office.

We believe the following are ways in which immigration related issues will be impacted in Singapore:

  • The barriers to entry – such as requirements when it comes to getting a permanent residency will get increasingly tougher as the years go by, so as to optimize the maximum benefits for the existing citizens and residents of the country.
  • Approval times required for a PR application will probably get longer. If you have not yet already applied, here is a rough time estimate for how long the process can take. It is already quite long, so hurry now and get it done and over with fast if you eventually are going to go for it anyway.
  • We believe that in the middle term, even the requirements required for things such as getting a long term visit pass for parents of SPR is going to get tougher.
  • The benefits that those who do get their status approved and become an official permanent resident will greatly increase and improve. This means that we believe while the hurdles to get your residence will be much tougher in the coming years, the benefits that will come if you succeed will be much greater as well!