Singapore Is Still Expected To See Stable Immigration Growth

We believe that while requirements to become a new permanent resident may become tougher over time, we do not expect any changes to Singapore still embracing well qualified individuals and their families to immigrate to ours. As recently publicly announced too on the Straits Times, there has been stable numbers of new citizens and new Singapore PR application approved for the last several years.

We believe this trend of stable growth of immigration numbers will continue, while improving the quality of the new ones. In other words, requirements and standards for applicants will likely rise sharply over time.

As published in the Straits Times article, Ms Indranee has also said that such new status are offered selectively to people who have a commitment to living in the country over the long term, can integrate and contribute (financially) such as via GIP Singapore – all of which were things we have talked about multiple times before on our blog as being important for you to get your PR status approved!

Every country faces issues, and one big issue that Singapore is facing, that could be to the advantage of new migrants is that the birth rate in the country is very low at roughly 1.14. This is well below 2.1 which is required for a population to replace itself as well as for future tax burdens in decades to come to be kept at reasonable levels still. As a result of this, migrants are necessary for us to continue to flourish into the future.

We have had readers being worried that in the coming years and messaging us asking if Singapore will cut down on the number of new permanent residents soon. We are not ICA and even the government cannot answer that as it needs to adapt to on the ground changes over the years and best react accordingly. However, our stand and belief remains the same as per above.

Therefore, our recommendations to potential applicants as well as readers, that if you are serious about wanting to settle down in Singapore as a PR, to prepare your necessary documents, and plan out for the long term right from day one. There is no time to waste, as while ICA will still welcome migrants, your profile needs to be really comprehensive and well rounded to be approved in the future – more so than ever in the past!