Why Some Boast Singapore PR Pass Rate While Others Don’t?

If you have been shopping around for a company that advises on and helps for immigration related matters such as for Singapore permanent residence application, you will quickly notice there are many companies or websites which boast about their supposedly great pass rate percentage when it comes to getting permanent residency for their clients. However, other websites do not.

For instance, if you were a teacher, and taught only students at the top class in the top school in Singapore, having your students get good grades in national exams is no big deal. However, if you accepted a broad range of students, and made all of them great – then you are truly commendable.

Likewise, our immigration agency is one that focuses more on helping people. We accept a broad range of customers. In fact, many of our customers had complaints about other agencies not even wanting to listen to their case – even if they are willing to pay them, just because they do not take in any client they believe has a less than a 99.9% chance of PR approval, and hence falsely keeping their pass rate high. Thus far, we are one of the rare few who accept normal clients, as well as the difficult customers. When we say difficult, what we mean is with respect to their profile being approved for a permanent residence by ICA.

This does not mean that we will take you on if unfortunately, yours is a nearly impossible to pass case no matter what happens. For instance if you have been in prison for serious crimes before or are for example on work permit and clearly ineligible, we will not be able to accept.

However, for typical difficult cases, unlike our counterparts, we are able to accept. Of course, in extreme situations, our consultants will also make known to you that it will be a much harder and longer process, and that your probability of getting a PR is lower than others. Prices may vary according to that too.

Therefore, the next time before you get caught up in the wrong kind of statistics, the important point is to first verify how they calculate and update you about their so-called pass rate percentage, as some are legitimately good, while others are like crafty career politicians who play around with words!