Testimonials From Previous Employer For Singapore PR

When you are trying to do your application to be a Singapore PR or permanent resident, you must have noticed that from the explanatory notes, one of the documents required is actually testimonials from previous employer which states the nature as well as the duration of your employment at that place, and the last drawn salary.

Submission of testimonials from your previous employer(s)

If you are wondering whether it is compulsory to submit the testimonials from your previous employer to get your PR application approved, the short answer is no. However, if you actually want a serious chance of having your profile being looked at by ICA seriously, then it is important to submit it. It is possible, but difficult to get your submission approved if you do not submit the required testimonials from previous employers, as ICA treats that as incomplete submission.

Additionally, Singapore is already on the trend of tightening immigration policies and increasing requirements partly due to growing nationalism sentiments. Therefore, you want to make sure that your submission is as complete as humanly possible. Being thorough, and even going above and beyond is important nowadays.

What if you cannot find your previous employer for the testimonials?

Some of you may have been working at a company where the employer moved overseas or due to some reason, you are unable to contact them. In such a case, please provide ICA with everything you know about them and your previous employment still. For instance, you want to provide your exact dates of employment, your last drawn salary as well as your reason(s) for leaving. Try to provide the contact(s) for them as well, so that ICA has the opportunity to be able to track them down in case they need to verify certain claims you have made.

What about past pay slips?

Most pay slips are not signed, and sometimes even provided to employees by email. Therefore, your normal one will do.

Any miscellaneous details required here?

You need to also include and complete the consent forms from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) so that ICA can access and verify your provided financial details. If you are self employed, then you will need to provide them with a valid business registration certificate and evidence as well as any occupational license if applicable.