Law & Order Is An Attraction Point For New Singapore PRs

Many people want to apply to be a SG permanent resident, and chief among the reasons why many do so is the stability that our nation provides its residents. While there are lots of reasons why many foreigners and expats like living in Singapore, one of the strongest reasons ever is its law and order, and safety from riots and violent protests.

94 percent of Singapore residents feel safe walking at night instead of global average of 68 percent

In its most recent research, research firm Gallup has found that 94 percent of the adult population in Singapore feels safe walking alone throughout the country at night, which is the highest in the world. This is as compared to the global average of only 68 percent.

In fact, our country has consistently ranked the top in the world as being one of the safest places ever to live in – both for a country and a city. Most of the immigrants are from cities or countries where there is significantly more crime or instability. They are attracted to law and order in our country.

There is no surprise there – the local Singapore government has always emphasized on safety and security of everyone in the nation through the police force. While some critics have mentioned that this strong law enforcement is too much in certain areas and aspects of life here, on the whole, it is seen as a boon.

Political stability and lack of riots attracts lots of wealthy immigrants to Singapore

Increasingly more people are moving to our country rapidly, especially from countries with constant riots or potential political instability and great changes such as Hong Kong and more. Having a permanent residence application approved here gives them a back up plan in case anything were to happen. Additionally, having a PR status in our nation will also enable migrants to be able to benefit from certain local benefits in terms of lower taxes and more. It is thus also a hotspot for investors.

There is no perfect country to live in in the world. But if law and order ranks high on your personal preference list, then maybe you should consider making Singapore your next home! Singapore is a good place to settle down in!