Can International Students Get PR In Singapore?

Wondering if international students can get their Singapore PR application approved?

The short answer as to whether international students can get a PR is yes. However, just being an international student in Singapore alone at a local university means absolutely nothing. You cannot simply be an exchange student and expect to get it. The bare minimum is that you need to be a full time foreign student enrolled in a local university.

Further tips on how to get PR for international students

The following are things you should read about and work on to improve your ability to get a permanent residence here if you are an international student.

Securing an educational scholarship with a bond to a local Singapore statutory board can increase your chances

First of all, if you are an international student in a local higher academic institution in Singapore such as a local, publicly recognized university, you should definitely try to get a scholarship with a bond to a local statutory board. This is a huge bonus and will lend lots of weight to your PR application. This is because an official corporate bond also shows and demonstrates that you have a willingness to stay and work in the country beyond just coming here for education. Showing proof that you have lived and worked here, and having further commitment to want to do so for the long term is one of the strongest possible ways to get your status approved as an international student.

Show concrete proof of your assimilation into Singapore as an international student

Second of all, in a tough competition year, it is not sufficient to just have good grades, and stay on your scholarship alone. Showing that you have successfully integrate into the local community is a good thing. There are lots of international students who are here on scholarships with bonds to a statutory board or government linked organization. However, if there happens to be lots of applicants, then you need something more to stand out. This does not simply mean that if you have lots of local friends or acquaintances, you will get better approval rates. The law and ICA only looks at concrete proof. Your social media accounts with lots of pictures engaging with locals has no actual legal standing during the approval process by ICA. You will ideally want to be a part of a sports or cultural group within your university as an international student. By demonstrating active participation in such groups as an international student with concrete proof behind it will help you in getting your Singapore PR status.

Try to take up leadership roles in your school as an international student

Third of all, within these groups, try to take up leadership positions wherever possible. By taking on leadership positions within these social groups in your university, you are going to stand out from the crowd even more. You need not necessary be the President or the Chairman of the group you join – even being a part of the executive committee is a good thing.