Is Singapore A Good Place To Settle Down As A PR?

Is Singapore a good place for you to settle down and perhaps apply for a PR? We definitely think so! And here are the reasons why we strongly believe Singapore is a good place to settle down in.

When you are deciding where you can settle down, and start a family, law and order is definitely an important factor. Wanting to settle down in a country or city full of unrest or wars will not be a smart idea at all. In this regard, SG is a safe place to be in. With tight security locally by the police force, it has one of the lowest crime rates anywhere in the world. Additionally, because of the relatively higher cost of living here, the type of people it attracts to settle down here are usually of a higher calibre too, and most of them have good careers and do not resort to crime. This results in a positive snowball effect, and making our country a safe place for residents.

Second of all, as of right now, we believe that there is a welcoming culture for immigrants here. The truth is that this culture has been changing over the years, depending on how immigration rates are and the overall socio-political climate is in SG. However, it has improved drastically, and on the whole, Singaporeans are very welcoming to all new migrants! This is our observation from on-the-ground analysis.

Thirdly, it has a relatively diverse population. In fact, the local government purposely preserves the racial balance in the local population. This means that regardless of your ethnicity, you will probably find a fair amount of people in our country whom are the same as you! Our country really is about as East Meets West as humanly possible. There are people of almost every single ethnicity living here and decided to settle down in Singapore for good and go through a full PR application.

Next of all, we have one of the best educational systems in the world. Constantly ranked as top few in the entire world, many parents send their children to schools locally here because of the high standards that it has, especially within the top schools here. If you settle down here and are a Singapore PR, you will be able to make use of this benefit for your children’s education too!