Places That Permanent Residents Like To Stay At In Singapore

There are certain neighbourhoods and towns within Singapore which is more popular with new permanent residents to live at. Here are some of the more popular ones where lots of new and successful PR applicants in Singapore tend to prefer renting or buying a place at in our country! If you want to become one too, then click here to learn more about our services.

Holland Village area

Many of the wealthier expats and new permanent resident applicants like to live at the Holland Village and Bukit Timah area. This is widely regarded as one of the wealthier districts in SG, and some areas are even exclusively landed property zoned areas only. Landed properties are seen as the top tier property class in land scarce Singapore. Holland Village and the neighbouring Dempsey Hill area are favorite food locations for new expats too, as they have very similar vibes to that of Western countries. However, due to the expensive houses in that region, only the wealthier ones tend to stay there.

Sentosa Cove

Used to be one of the hottest spots for all foreigners and expats, Sentosa has since seen more stable days. One of the most beautiful and prestigious residential places to live in, and with no regulations when it comes to the citizenship status as to whom can own homes on this island, Sentosa’s house prices skyrocketed. This means that full foreigners can purchase properties on Sentosa Cove. For more information on this, you can read our previous post on whether PR can buy property in Singapore. It still remains popular as the kind of residential lifestyle that one gets on it is similar to Western cities like that of Florida.

Central Business District – Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar

The condominiums used to be really popular with PRs because of the close proximity to their work places. Singapore’s financial district is at Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar area, and the condos there used to be really popular because most new PRs prefer not getting a car for commute, and prefers walking or cycling to their offices. By renting or buying a unit at downtown, they are able to easily commute. However, since April 2020, due to the changes in the way businesses now operate and fewer offices being physical, and in the central business district, many prefer staying at cheaper city fringe or outskirt areas.

City fringe regions


Even though more offices are going virtual, many still prefer living near to the Central areas due to convenience. As a result, places like Marine Parade, Bukit Merah, Novena are highly popular.

Our country is truly beautiful, and here are the reasons why many move to Singapore despite the high living costs.