Singapore Is A Haven For PR Who Love Both City And Nature!

One of the pains people who are planning to immigrate to another country constantly have is the battle between the serenity and nature of the countryside and the convenience of living in a city. Thankfully, Singapore is both a thriving blend of both city and nature lifestyle altogether! This is one of the reasons why many people want to apply for PR in Singapore. Immigrants to Singapore need not pick either or with us, and can enjoy both.

It is true that certain parts of our country is extremely urbanized, and look something straight out of a science fiction movie. That is mainly the Central Business District regions such as Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place. If you like the sheer convenience of living right smack in a large city (after all, we are like a large city state), you will feel right at home in almost every part of our country.Changi Jewel airport

For those permanent residents who love the greenery, they tend to prefer living in places like Holland Village and Bukit Timah. With lots of greenery, nature parks and more nearby such as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Botanic Gardens, these residential places in SG are amazing for new Singapore PR who loves the nature. Living in those places, you may even forget you are in a city-state because you are so secluded in and surrounded by nature! Some who prefer luxury but with sea views as well can opt for Sentosa Cove. We had talked about popular neighbourhoods permanent residents like to live at in a previous post already, so we would refer you to that post here.

But the true beauty that Singapore provides which almost no other country in the world can is that all of the above mentioned places are all within just a 10 to 20 minutes drive away from each other. This means that urbanites who want some peace and nature living can either purchase a second home nearby, or simply drive to these nature conservation areas. On the other hand, those who prefer quieter and landed residential enclaves like Nassim or more, can still have the convenience of city living just a few minutes drive away! With Singapore, there is no need for choosing one over the other – you simply get both nature and city living. If you like malls, Singapore has no lack of shopping malls.