Can Children Of Permanent Residents Study In Singapore?

Everyone knows that Singapore has one of the best educational systems in the world. That is one of the biggest reasons why many expat adults here want to send their kids to study here. However, can children of a person who wants to apply to become a permanent resident send their kids to local schools here too?

The quick answer is yes.

One of the biggest difference between that over here versus other countries is that virtually all of the top schools in Singapore are actually considered public schools of sorts. They therefore happen to come with significantly lower rates opposed to private schools in other countries. In most other countries, the top schools are usually that of boarding schools or private institutions, certainly not public ones.

However, there are some differences that you have to note when it comes to citizenship status differences.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the mainstream schools here, and not talking about private or international boarding schools.

Priority for entry is different

When it comes to primary schools, which is the equivalent of elementary school year 1 to 6, balloting is sometimes required if demand is higher that year opposed to available vacancies. Priority is first provided to Singaporean citizens, followed by Singapore PR, followed by international students.

However, when it comes to secondary schools or Junior Colleges, that is different. It will be dependent on the child’s academic success and abilities already, and not so much about citizenship status at all.

Rates are different

However, the rates that a PR pays is different from that of citizens, and also different from that of international (or rather – foreign) students. As you can tell from the table below, the fees increase yearly, but that is a trend that is occurring across all demographics.

However, as a PR, the fees would be significantly cheaper than foreigners studying in SG. For instance, when you see the table below, the rate difference in 2020 for secondary school fees is that of approximately $1000 per month! While no one in their right mind would become a resident purely for the savings in the fees, it is definitely a good benefit if you are already planning to do so anyway, and the priority provided for their children when enrolling in local institutions in Singapore is also a great advantage!

Although the rates that you will need to be paying for your children will still be more than that of a full, naturalized or existing citizen, it is already considered really affordable. In fact, for the quality of the education, it is extremely worth it!

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