Be Thorough If You Want To Become A Permanent Resident Here

Ever since around the late 2000s, it has become drastically harder for people trying to get their Singapore permanent residency application approved. The trend since the late 2000s has been that Singapore has become more popular than ever before among immigrants, while the reduced supply of new PR visas given out per year has remained low. This continually increasing demand with a low stagnant supply for visa has meant that the government authority in charge of this has become much stricter yearly with their work.

So what does this all mean?  Does it mean that you need to have exceptional results in one or two areas such as earning a ridiculously high income to stand a chance of approval? Or does it mean that you need to have lived in our country for decades before trying? Actually, the answer is not that. The answer is that your submission and your personal profile must be very thorough. Being thorough is the key here.

The type of people who get their submissions cleared much easier than those are those whom are able to tick off all of the factors that ICA looks at while processing.

In the past, because of only slightly lower supply of new visas granted than demand for them, the relevant authorities looked at key criteria such as income and length of previous stay in SG to ascertain and quickly shortlist potential successful candidates. However, as this supply and demand become lopsided, and that way more people want to migrate here than there are new PR able to be given out, profiles are scrutinized much more closely. Additionally, with more pressure on the authorities to be stricter on the vetting by the local citizens and voters so that only the best candidates and those who can assimilate well to our culture will be approved, the approach to approvals has become much more holistic.

No longer is it about excelling in one or two factors, and getting away with it. That used to work in the past, but that is no longer the case! The real secret to being successful with your application is to be really thorough. A quick hint for you is to look at what ICA is already publicly asking you for within the form.  The secret is hidden in plain sight. If you read something within and think it could be a trivial factor only, think again. Every thing must be taken care of.