Dating Agencies In Singapore – Better Than Dating Apps?

Some Singaporeans are turning to more traditional and personalized avenues to find their perfect match – dating agencies. In this article, we explore the role of dating agencies in Singapore, their impact & unique aspects that make them stand out in the age of dating apps.

The role of dating agencies in Singapore

Dating agencies in Singapore play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the demands of modern life and the desire for meaningful connections. It is well known that dating is hard in Singapore, and many people in Singapore are just getting started with dating later and later on in their lives. However, for Singapore to function properly in the future as a society, it needs more Singaporeans to get married and have more children. Therefore, dating agencies function much more than businesses in Singapore. It almost feels like they are kind of creating the future Singaporeans.

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Famous Singapore dating agencies

Several notable dating agencies in Singapore are as follows:

Lunch Actually

Lunch Actually is one of the most well-known dating agencies in Singapore, specializing in personalized matchmaking and dating coaching. They have an extensive database of eligible singles and offer various services, including date coordination and image consulting.

It’s Just Lunch

With a global presence, It’s Just Lunch operates in Singapore as well, providing personalized matchmaking services for busy professionals. The agency arranges lunch dates for its clients based on compatibility and shared interests.


GaiGai is a subsidiary of Paktor, one of Southeast Asia’s largest dating app companies. GaiGai focuses on offline dating experiences, offering events and personalized matchmaking services to singles in Singapore.

Fabrique Love

Fabrique Love is known for its emphasis on personalized matching and dating events. They strive to understand their clients’ preferences and values to create meaningful connections.

Dating Moments

Dating Moments offers a range of services, from personalized matchmaking to dating events and coaching. They aim to assist individuals in their journey to find love by providing professional guidance and support.


CompleteMe is a social development network that organizes events and provides matchmaking services. They cater to singles of various age groups and backgrounds, focusing on creating a conducive environment for meeting potential partners.

Benefits of using a dating agency in Singapore

Dating agencies offer a more efficient alternative to the trial-and-error process of online dating. By leveraging the expertise of matchmakers and carefully curated databases, individuals can save time and energy by being connected with more compatible prospects.

While success in dating is subjective, dating agencies often boast higher success rates in terms of long-term relationship formation. The personalized approach and commitment to understanding clients contribute to more meaningful connections.

Disadvantages of using a matchmaking agency

Despite the advantages, dating agencies are not without their challenges and criticisms. Some common concerns include the following.

Engaging the services of a dating agency can be a significant financial investment. Critics argue that this exclusivity may limit access to those who cannot afford such services.

While exclusivity is a selling point for some, others may see it as a limitation. The pool of potential matches within a dating agency is inherently smaller than what one might find on a popular dating app.

The success of matchmaking relies heavily on the subjectivity and intuition of matchmakers. This can be a point of contention, especially for individuals who prefer a more data-driven or algorithmic approach.


As Singaporeans seek meaningful connections in a city where time is a precious commodity, these matchmaking agencies play a crucial role in facilitating the journey to finding love. While they may not be the answer for everyone, the impact of dating agencies in Singapore is undeniable, offering a compelling option for those who prioritize quality over quantity in their quest for a life partner.