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Admiralty Park is the largest park in the North located in Woodlands Singapore – 27 hectares in size made unique by its river valley shaped hilly terrain.

Admiralty Park Singapore Overview

Admiralty Park, the biggest park in the north of Singapore, is situated in Woodlands Singapore. Admiralty Park contains the greatest nature area within an urban park and is set on a steep landscape with the Sungei Cina river flowing through it.

With the improvements, the 7 acre urban area of Admiralty Park currently has 26 slides. The playground takes advantage of the sloping land to set up the three main play areas, Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Terracing Play, which are designed to accommodate kids of all ages and feature a variety of play structures that promote intergenerational and group interactions.

An inclusive playground is also included at Admiralty Park as part of a 2015 NParks program. Playgrounds that are inclusive offer the ‘hardware,’ or physical framework, that encourages play between kids with and without special needs.

More than 100 kinds of plants and animals can be found in the 20-ha natural reserve of Admiralty Park, which includes a variety of secondary forest, mangrove, riverine, and open grassland habitats. The 20-hectare nature reserve has a number of pathways that allow visitors to explore the many forest species, see swarms of dragonflies, and see monkeys in their natural environment. Alternately, come out of the secondary forest close to the parking lot and stroll through the grassland admiring the butterflies and various bird species. Along the walking path of Admiralty Park Singapore, you can see interesting plants like the Putat Kampung Tree and climbers like Singapore’s increasingly rare hedgehog rattan.

Admiralty Park map

Here is a map of Admiralty park.

Admiralty Park map

Activities to do at Admiralty Park

Visitors to Admiralty Park have the opportunity to have two experiences in one place. First off, the Admiralty Park Playground transforms the space into a fantastic, multi-tiered playland with slides, burrows, bridges, and even more slides that kids will go crazy for by making use of the park’s steep terrain. Second, there is a natural area within Admiralty Park Singapore with a boardwalk through a mangrove that takes you right up close to the action.

Let your kids have fun at the Admiralty Park Playground

The Admiralty Park Playground was designed to take advantage of the existing hilly terrain. Admiralty Park Playground has 26 exciting slides and a variety of other play structures spread out among the Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Play zones. The mangrove habitat found in Admiralty Park’s nature area served as the inspiration for the playground’s distinctive mangrove theme. Play elements mimic unique characteristics of mangroves, such as the shape of prop roots and pencil-shaped roots that are frequently seen on mangrove trees.

All small children will enjoy the large Admiralty Park Playground, which is well-known for it in Singapore. Admiralty Park Playground is a favorite among kids of all ages because it has a flying fox, climbing nets, swings, and 26 different slides!

If your children enjoy slides, Admiralty Park Playground is the nicest outdoor, free playground to visit – perhaps in the whole Singapore. There are 2 playgrounds in the park. The first is the playground, which contains 26 slides in all shapes and sizes, including tiny, large, long, and narrow. It genuinely has something for everyone, from toddlers bumbling down baby slides to teens traversing tunnel slides. Younger children will like the Junior play area, which is for children ages two to five, while older children will enjoy the Family Terracing play area, which is for children ages five to twelve.

Use the fitness corner

Every visitor to Admiralty Park has access to a fitness station where they can do exercises. There includes fitness gear for fundamental strength training including a bench for ab exercises, a balance beam for calisthenics, and a pull-up bar for dips. Most visitors to Admiralty Park will continue working out at the fitness station after a quick jog or run in the park. This is located directly across from the park’s south entrance.

Walk and enjoy the nature

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet after a busy time at the Admiralty Park Playground, this might be the place for you. The Sungei Cina River serves as the focal point of Admiralty Park’s ecological area. More than 100 different species of plants and animals can be found here and in the nearby secondary forest. The Sungei Cina is traversed by three bridges. These give outdoor enthusiasts in Singapore access to the river’s two banks. The bridges are a good vantage point from which to scan the river for wildlife.

The Malayan Water Monitor and long-tailed macaques, who have even been seen swimming in the river, are two examples of the wildlife you might see around Sungei Cina within Admiralty Park. You will be guided along a well-paved route and a canopy of trees as you walk along the river’s west bank. One of Admiralty Park’s main natural attractions, a mangrove swamp and boardwalk, can be found at Admiralty Park’s northernmost point. From the bridge, you can see the mangrove marsh. You can see a muddy flat on one side of the bridge, and on the other, there is a pond with a waterway that continues on to Woodlands Waterfront and the coast.

There are other spots where you can see the mangroves, though, so don’t limit yourself to just one. Follow the Mangrove Boardwalk for a better vantage point. You may go down to the swamp’s edge on this mangrove walkway. You may view the mangrove roots up close from there. The mangroves have four different varieties of roots. They consist of prop roots, pencil roots, buttress roots, and knee roots. The design of the Admiralty Park Playground was inspired them. Since the natural area of Admiralty Park is circular, you can use the track on the east bank of the River Cina to return to the park’s urban portion.

How to go to Admiralty Park

There are several carparks for you to use at Admiralty Park. There is a parking area on the West Entrance located along Riverside Road. The other car park is at the North Entrance located along Admiralty Road West.