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Changi Beach Park is a beach park at Changi’s northernmost point in Singapore. The 28-hectare beach park is one of Singapore’s first coastal parks.

Changi Beach Park Singapore Overview

Changi Beach Park, one of Singapore’s oldest coastal parks, still has a kampong vibe. The park is a fantastic spot for families in Singapore to congregate for swimming, picnics, and barbecues since it has stretches of immaculate white beaches scattered with coconut trees, BBQ pits, park seats, and shelters.

Along the meandering tracks, fitness enthusiasts in Singapore can jog and ride their bikes. Alternately, try beachside eating at a café in Changi Beach Park itself or in the nearby Changi Village, where you may dine while taking in the soft sea wind and the sound of crashing waves.

From Changi Point to Changi Ferry Terminal, Changi Beach Park is about 3.3 km long and provides views of Pulau Ubin, and island of Singapore.

Locals in Singapore frequently gather in Changi Beach Park for overnight family picnics, especially on the weekends. Some people in Singapore come here to fish, exercise, watch airplanes land, and view the sunrise or sunset. From the SAF Changi Ferry Terminal in the park’s eastern edge, you can see the sunrise, and from Changi Point, you can see the sunset. Camping, barbecues, and water sports are a few popular pastimes. Additionally, foodies go to Changi Beach for the neighboring The Seagrill’s seafood or Changi Village’s variety of restaurants.

A fun fact but also omninous fact about Changi Beach is that it was one of the killing grounds of the Sook Ching massacre by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War, where 66 Chinese Singaporeans were killed on the beach by the Japanese Hojo Kempei in 1942.

Overnight camping or pitching of tents is prohibited at Changi Beach Park.

Changi Beach Park map

Here is a map of Changi Beach Park.
Changi Beach Park map and car park areas

Activities to do at Changi Beach Park

While you are not allowed to camp at Changi Beach Park, there are multiple other different activities that you can do at Changi Beach Park. Here they are.


Would you like to prepare your own food and eat outside in Singapore? In Changi Beach Park Singapore, you can have a BBQ. Twenty barbecue pits can be found all across the park.

The Seagrill cafe at Changi Beach Park

Dine at The Seagrill restaurant, which is located within Changi Beach Park itself. A small and cozy cafe with alfresco dining, The Seagrill is a good option for locals, expatriates and tourists in Singapore.

Fishing @ Changi Beach Park

Visitors to Changi Beach Park like to go fishing. The area’s shoreline is home to a number of fishing locations, with fisherman gravitating toward the area near Changi Point Bridge. It appears that throughout the day, fish farmers load and unload fish in this area, making it a fantastic spot for nocturnal fishing. Additionally, a number of stores in the nearby Changi Village sell fishing gear.

Cycling – Changi Beach Park Bicycle Rental (GoCycling)

Many visitors to Changi Beach Park take pleasure in cycling. You can bring your own scooters or roller skates for a change of pace or rent a bike from one of the three rental stations scattered throughout the park. There is a bicycle rental store, GoCycling, at Changi Beach Park if you do not own a bicycle.

Plane spotting at Changi Beach Park

You will literally be able to see planes take off and land from Changi Airport. Changi Beach Park is a hot spot for people who want to spot planes both in the day time as well as at night. It also happens to attract a lot of couples!


It is safe to swim at Changi Beach Park, but do not venture too far out from the beach or shoreline as it is near the Changi ferry terminal.

Blue waves or bioluminescence

While it is a rare sight, it has happened before. Blue waves or bioluminescence were spotted at Changi Beach Park at night. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot it again!

Finger sculpture – Inscription Of The Island

There is a finger sculpture called Inscription Of The Island by Lim Soon Ngee located at the end of Changi Beach Park nearer to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

How to go to Changi Beach Park

You can go to Changi Beach Park by car or by bus. There is no nearby MRT station. In fact, most people in Singapore only go to Changi Beach Park via car or taxi.

There are multiple carpark areas you can pick from if you want to go to Changi Beach Park. Changi Beach Park parking fees are all payable using the app as there are no car park gantries.