East Coast Park And Beach – All You Need To Know

One of Singapore’s most beloved urban retreats, East Coast Park provides an amazing variety of leisure, sporting, and culinary activities.

East Coast Park Singapore Overview

East Coast Park, where seven million Singaporeans and visitors converge for the range of sporting, entertainment, and culinary attractions, is the location most associated with active outdoor recreation in Singapore. East Coast Park is popular among both foreigners, expatriates, tourists as well as locals. Groups of friends and families of local or foreign citizenship go to East Coast Park on weekends in particular to enjoy themselves.

The largest park in Singapore, East Coast Park is located along a 15-kilometer stretch of the country’s southeast coast. The lovely park, which spans 185 hectares of reclaimed ground, is a favorite destination for locals who come here to windsurf, swim, kayak, picnic, swim, grill, ride bicycles, skateboard, and dine.

East Coast Park, which is synonymous with active outdoor pursuits, spans from Tanjong Katong Road in Joo Kiat to the National Sailing Centre in Bedok. It also had an 8 km Coastal Park Connector Network connection to Changi Beach Park.

More than seven million people visit East Coast Park of Singapore each year, which has a total area of 185 hectares and a magnificent shoreline that spans for more than 15 kilometres.

Utilize the Singapore Round Island Route to access Rower’s Bay, Pasir Ris, Sengkang Riverside, Changi Beach, and other park connectors from East Coast Park.

Activities to do at East Coast Park

The park’s “Recreation for All” theme means that there is something to do for everyone.


Families and friends can unwind while having picnics in the park’s shade of swaying Ketapang, Casuarina, and coconut trees.

Play sports and outdoor activities

Families seeking a fun day out should visit the park’s play towers, water play area, nature play gardens, and swings. Numerous sports, including beach volleyball, cycling, cable skiing, and various water sports, as well as an Xtreme SkatePark, are available for those seeking action.

If necessary, you can choose to wash off at the park since Areas B1, B2, C1, C4, D1, D5, F1, F2, G1, and G2’s public toilets include shower facilities. Good news for foreigners and tourists – Singapore public toilets in parks are generally clean and neat.

BBQ or dine

Enjoy a BBQ or scrumptious fare at a neighboring hawker center or restaurant in the evenings while taking in the refreshing sea wind along East Coast Park of Singapore.

Visit Coastal PlayGrove

Visit Coastal PlayGrove for a day of nonstop entertainment at East Coast Park, Singapore! Everyone can participate in a wide variety of thrilling activities in the location of the previous Big Splash. Take on the Play Tower, which features 2 exhilarating outdoor slides as well as a 4-story vertical net play area called the Vertical Challenge.

Splash around in the water play area with wading pools and water jets to beat the heat. Explore the beautiful, verdant nature playgarden to get in contact with the natural world. After so much fun, are you hungry? At Coastal PlayGrove, there are many different F&B options to satisfy your hunger.

Visit the Cyclist Park

The 5.4-hectare Cyclist Park, which is part of East Coast Park’s Area D, is a central location for cyclists on the Round-Island-Route (RIR). Visitors can tour two cycling circuits—the Learner Circuit and the Advanced Circuit—where more experienced cyclists and beginners can practice different riding styles.

Visit the natural play garden where kids can climb, balance, or leap over the logs to develop their balancing abilities while establishing a tangible connection with nature.