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Jurong Lake Gardens, located along Yuan Ching Road Singapore, is a sprawling park around a lake & swamp forest with a boardwalk, playground, gym, water sports and more.

Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore Overview

Jurong Lake Gardens is a must-see destination for nature enthusiasts. Jurong Lake Gardens is located in the west of Singapore, five minutes by foot from Lakeside MRT Station and twenty minutes by car from the city center.

Wondering how big is Jurong Lake Gardens? It is 90 hectare in size and is inclusive of 3 zones – Lakeside Garden, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Lakeside Garden, the first zone, debuted in April 2019. Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, the other two zones, debuted gradually beginning in 2023 since the latest renovation at Jurong Lake Gardens.

The brand-new national gardens in the center of Singapore are called Jurong Lake Gardens. It is a “people’s garden”, with areas for families and the neighborhood to socialize being planted and made.

Jurong Lake Gardens opening hours are 24 hours daily. Jurong Lake Gardens is free to access.

Jurong Lake Gardens map

Here is the map of Jurong Lake Gardens.

Jurong Lake Gardens map

Activities to do at Jurong Lake Gardens

It is one of the more famous parks in SG for a reason. That is because there are lots of activities you can do at Jurong Lake Gardens, including using the Jurong Lake Gardens gym or have your child or children play at its children’s playground!

Walk along nature

Walking or hiking around Jurong Lake Gardens will take you approximately 2 hours and it is 7.2km in length.

You will be surrounded by nature in all its verdant splendor as you stroll around the grounds of this lovely garden in the West side of Singapore. The lush vegetation, diverse animal life, and several enduring green places may all be found in Jurong Lake Gardens.

Discover the golden fields of The Grasslands at Jurong Lake Gardens, the ideal place for an Instagram photo, or let Alstonia Island, a flooded island with characteristics similar to a freshwater swamp forest, charm you with its beauty.

Keep a look out for the squirrels, long-tailed macaques, and smooth-coated otters that have settled in Jurong Lake Gardens as you stroll through the reserve. A broad range of butterfly species, including Chestnut Bobs and Plain Tiger butterflies, can be found in Jurong Lake Gardens too.

Neram Streams

Get close to the shallow waters of Neram Streams. A concrete drain leading from Yuan Ching Road to Jurong Lake has been converted into a series of naturalised streams and is called Neram Streams. They now channel stormwater overflow from the nearby gardens. Plantings in the Neram Streams purify the stormwater before it eventually enters Jurong Lake.

Rasau Walk

Stroll along Rasau Walk. Rasau Walk, a 300-metre promenade that meanders amid clumps of Nibong, Sealing Wax Palm, and Rasau, is located along the edge of Jurong Lake Gardens. Rasau Walk, a reclaimed freshwater swamp, is home to more than 50 plant species that are typical of freshwater swamp forests.

Lone Tree at Jurong Lake Gardens

Make sure to also explore the Lone Tree at The Grasslands located inside Jurong Lake Gardens too. But here is a surprise for you. The Lone Tree is not an actual tree! The Lone Tree at Jurong Lake Gardens is a sculpture made from recycled iron reinforcement bars which had been salvaged from the old park’s path. It is located near the South carpark of Jurong Lake Gardens.

Floating Wetlands at Jurong Lake Gardens

Located at the north area of Jurong Lake Gardens, this wetlands is the largest man-made floating wetland you can find in Singapore.

Forest Ramble playground at Jurong Lake Gardens

The largest natural-themed play area and children’s playground in Jurong Lake Gardens Singapore is the 2.3-hectare Forest Ramble, which has 13 different kid-friendly installations. These include everything from slides and swings to suspended bridges and tiny lily pad-shaped trampolines.

This free to use children’s playground at Jurong Lake Gardens has a ton of activities for kids of all ages, including structures to climb on, swing from, and slide down. Although it’s designated for children aged 5 to 12, smaller children will also enjoy the children’s playground at Jurong Lake Gardens, the water and sand play area, and the cafe. At Forest Ramble, the primary children’s play area, there are 13 unique adventure play spaces to discover. Based on the behaviors and movements of the animals that live in the freshwater marsh, everything here is nature-inspired.

Clusia Cove water play @ Jurong Lake Gardens

Clusia Cove is a delightful water play area inside Jurong Lake Gardens that was created to mimic a seaside coastline, complete with low sand dunes and shallow water for kids to splash around in.

When the weather gets too hot for the kids after they’ve worked up a sweat while navigating the Forest Ramble, you will want to head to Clusia Cove water play area of Jurong Lake Gardens. Clusia Cove’s water playground is skillfully created with tidal patterns, surface ripples, and directed currents that replicate the water flow of coastal shoreline. Kids can wade in, use the sluice gates to control the water flow, play in the cool pools, and navigate the channels that lead to the rock pools. A closed-loop water recycling system is also available that uses no chemicals for treating water.

Water sports at PAssion WaVe

At Jurong Lake Gardens’ Passion Wave, outdoor enthusiasts can engage in a variety of water sports, including windsurfing, kayaking, and dragon boat racing. To rent a kayak, canoe, or even enroll in a class, visit PA Water Venture at Jurong Lake Gardens, the first waterfront facility in the West of Singapore.

Butterfly Maze

To guarantee that the garden is as crowded as possible and to provide the best conditions for butterfly reproduction, the Butterfly Maze at Jurong Lake Gardens includes narrow walkways. Children can start the stroll at the entryway and proceed along a path that details the life cycle of butterflies. Short slides are available to break up the monotony of the twisting road. The Therapeutic Garden then takes over after the Maze.

Therapeutic Garden

A relatively recent addition to Jurong Lake Gardens is the Therapeutic Garden there! In an expanding network of therapeutic gardens built by NParks, it is the eighth and largest garden in Singapore.

There are two divisions, one for children with impairments and the other for senior people with dementia. The other tries to promote nostalgia for well-known plants and artifacts from the past. Children with special needs can take advantage of the several sensory play areas or visit the neighboring Butterfly Maze for a fun challenge while hanging out with sweet and beautiful butterflies.


ActiveSG, which is located south of Jurong Lake Gardens and has a gym and a swimming pool as well as a variety of exercise classes, is also nearby. In addition, ActiveSG offers a wheelchair-accessible Rooftop Garden, event venues that can be rented, and a fitness area that both kids and adults can use.

GoCycling bike rental @ Jurong Lake Gardens

Nowadays, it feels like GoCycling literally has a branch at nearly every park in Singapore. Nonetheless, this is awesome for those who want to cycle at Jurong Lake Gardens but do not have a bike and need a bike rental.

BBQ pits

If you like to BBQ with friends and family, you will be glad to know you can book the BBQ pits at Jurong Lake Gardens which are located at the north side of the park. The BBQ pit area at Jurong Lake Gardens also provide a 360 degree view of the entire location, making it very fun and picturesque.

Wedding photoshoots

Since the place is so beautiful, and yet still located within a residential area (Jurong), Jurong Lake Gardens is a popular wedding photoshoot location in Singapore.

Mid Autumn Festival event

There is usually at Mid Autumn Festival event held at Jurong Lake Gardens yearly. Families with children in particular love visiting Jurong Lake Gardens to check out the lantern lightings during the Mid Autumn Festival event at the park during this time of the year.


You can picnic at Jurong Lark Gardens. One of the best picnic spots are at The Lakeside Field and The Oval as they are big fields of green.

Starbucks Jurong Lake Gardens

There is a new Starbucks cafe located near the Jurong Lake Floating Wetlands area.

How to go to Jurong Lake Gardens

The address and postal code of Jurong Lake Gardens is 50 Yuan Ching Road Singapore 618661.

If you are going to Jurong Lake Gardens by MRT, the nearest MRT is the Lakeside MRT Station.

If you are headed to Jurong Lake Gardens via bus, these bus numbers go there: 30, 49 and 154.

There are two carparks at Jurong Lake Gardens, one is called the North carpark near the interesection of Kang Ching Road or Tah Ching Road and Yuan Ching Road while the South car park is located nearer to the intersection between Yung Kung Road and Yuan Ching Road.