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A 47 hectare public park in Singapore, Kent Ridge Park is popular for bird watchers and nature lovers due to its undisturbed habitat. Here’s your full guide to it!

Kent Ridge Park Singapore Overview

Kent Ridge Park is a historical area where one of the final battles for Singapore were fought during World War II. It’s a terrific location for families and history fans to learn about Singapore’s past.

The “Reflections Bukit Chandu” museum, which is situated at one end of Canopy Walk, allows visitors to Kent Ridge Park to relive Singapore’s World War II history. Visit the memorial plaque at Carpark B to commemorate the end of civil unrest on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II in Singapore.

Kent Ridge Park is a favorite among those in Singapore who enjoy the outdoors due to its natural greenery and high biodiversity of wildlife. A naturally occurring pond filled with turtles and fish is located on the eastern side of Kent Ridge Park, toward the valley. You might just be able to see sunbirds, doves, squirrels, lizards, and white-crested laughing thrush as you stroll along Canopy Walk, a 280-metre elevated boardwalk.

You may hear the chirps of birds and the hums of insects as you stroll through Kent Ridge Park towards the two ponds at the base of the slope, which are surrounded by groves of Tembusu, Adinandra, and Dillenia trees. Visit the lookout spots at Kent Ridge Park to enjoy breathtaking views of distant islands like Pulau Duran Darat.

Kent Ridge Park is part of the Southern Ridges, which includes HortPark, Mount Faber Park, Labrador Nature Reserve and Telok Blangah Hill Park.

Kent Ridge Park map

This is the map of Kent Ridge Park.

Kent Ridge Park map

Activities to do in Kent Ridge Park

Here are the activities you can do at Kent Ridge Park.

Bird watching @ Kent Ridge Park

If you bring along a pair of binoculars, are patient and get a little lucky, you will be able to spot the Greater Racquet-tailed Drongos and Brahminy Kites.

Use the mountain bike trail at Kent Ridge Park

Kent Ridge Park has a tough mountain bike trail. If you are an advanced mountain biker, then try the trail out!

Use the fitness areas located throughout Kent Ridge Park

Out of all the parks in Singapore, Kent Ridge Park has the largest amount of exercise equipment stations throughout the park. Most of these fitness stations are also suitable for the elderly to use.

Walk along or go for guided tours along the heritage trails

You can visit the battle site where Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi and his platoon fought against the invading Japanese troops during World War II history and understand what happened in Singapore with the storyboards. You could also go to the Reflections at Bukit Chandu, which is a museum showing you more history. It is located opposite the Canopy Walk.

Hold a wedding photoshoot

With its beautiful nature scenery and also many shaded locations within, Kent Ridge Park is quite a popular location for couples to hold wedding photoshoot too.

Check out the canopy walk at Kent Ridge Park

Canopy Walk is high boardwalk 280 metres long which connects Kent Ridge Park to Hortpark. Many people like to just walk along there and take in the scenic views!

Kent Ridge pond

Kent Ridge pond is a little pond at the North-Eastern end of Kent Ridge Park and close to Singapore Science Park.

Dragonfly pond

If you want to check out dragonflies, then dragonfly pond is where you can spot many of these insects!

How to go to Kent Ridge Park

There are 4 carparks at Kent Ridge Park, which are all free to use. They are car park A, car park B, carpark C and car park D.