Sembawang Hot Spring Park – Guide For Visitors & Tourists

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is a natural hot spring in Singapore, and is also the only natural hot spring on mainland Singapore.

Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore Overview

Sembawang Hot Spring Park, which lies off Gambas Avenue Singapore, has new cascading pools, a water collection station, improved wheelchair accessibility, and informational panels where visitors may learn about the geology and history of Singapore’s sole hot spring park.

The park’s undeveloped setting, which is reminiscent of an ancient kampung, is also associated with a wealth of communal memories.

The brand-new Floral Walk within Sembawang Hot Spring Park offers visitors a chance to take in fruit trees and other edible plants that are typical of kampungs. Unpaved pathways and naturalized streams emanating from the hot spring, which resembles a freshwater swamp woodland landscape, further accentuate the rustic ambiance. Through interpretive signage at points of interest, the general public can learn more about the history of the area (Sembawang Hot Spring Park) and the geothermal processes that lead to the formation of a hot spring.

Sembawang Hot Spring Car Park

Wondering where to park? Please note there is no carpark here. You will need to drive and park at the nearest carpark at 114 Yishun Ring Road and walk for approximately 450 metres to arrive.

Activities to do at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

There are slightly more activities you can do at Sembawang Hot Spring Park than what the name suggests. Let us talk about them.

Have a foot spa in the hot spring water

No awards for having guessed this – the name Sembawang Hot Spring Park gives it away already!

A cascading pool serves as the focal point of Sembawang Hot Spring Park. The water of the Cascading Pool is cooled from 70 degrees Celsius through a series of pools, lowering the temperature to 40 degrees Celsius, the ideal range for skin contact.

The Cascading Pool’s edge is a popular spot for visitors to sit and enjoy the warm, hot spring water. If you wish to avoid some lines, you must carry your own basket. For the Cascading Pool, there is now a queueing system in place. Since there are just a few spots available at the pool, expect to line up.

Cook egg or eggs

Sounds like a joke, but it is not. There is a spot where you can collect the hot spring water and use it to cook egg or eggs! Now, you could do this anywhere within Sembawang Hot Spring Park, but there is a specially designated spot for people to conveniently do this (perhaps because many people in Singapore love to eat and love eating half boiled egg or eggs). If you want to eat half boiled egg or eggs at a park, Sembawang Hot Spring Park is a good place for you to do that!

Stroll along Floral Walk

From the main road entrance into the real hot spring area, there is a wheelchair-accessible trail complete with leaf imprints. This Floral Walk, which was a component of the Singapore NParks renovation, exhibits different fruit trees and edible plants that were typical in Singapore’s villages in the past. Spend some time exploring the area and taking in the landscaping. As you approach the foot bath area, you can’t miss one extremely enormous banyan tree due to its stunning display of hanging aerial roots, notwithstanding how lovely the blooms and lush leaves are. If you’re fit enough, you could even scale the tree, but most people in Singapore like to gather around it with their water buckets.

Learn at the educational zone

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is filled with instructional boards that provide details about the park’s flora species, the spring’s origin, the history of Sembawang Hot Spring Park Singapore, and how hot springs function.

Investigate the interactive water play area, which enables kids to safely play in the warm spring water while learning about the groundwater cycle. At an Educational Zone, kids and families can learn about the geology and hot springs.

Here, the water is cooler, and a tiny “play table” lets little ones play with the water. It is shaped like a table so that everyone can use it as a place to meet at the hot spring.