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Tampines Eco Green is a park in Tampines Singapore and was opened to the public in April 2011. A lesser known park in Singapore, it does not even have lights or pavements!

Tampines Eco Green Singapore Overview

Tampines Eco Green is an environmentally conscious park that provides a haven for wildlife and a location for outdoor activities in the natural world.

The park is a haven for biodiversity in Singapore and a perfect site for tourists to appreciate the best of nature thanks to its many natural ecosystems, which include open grasslands, freshwater wetlands, and a secondary rainforest.

Nature park lovers in Singapore can explore a variety of flora and wildlife and enjoy nature in all its splendor by hiking the park’s trails. Cycling enthusiasts in Singapore must push or park their bikes at the accessible bicycle stands at Tampines Eco Green’s main entrance in order to access the park’s natural splendor while exploring Tampines Eco Green, which is connected to via park connectors from Sun Plaza Park and the Tampines Biking Trail.

Activities to do in Tampines Eco Green

Even though there are no lighting and proper pavements in the Tampines Eco Green park, there are still activities you can do here! NParks has manicured the grass within and made it more walkable too.

The only thing you want to note is that you should ideally only go and visit Tampines Eco Green when the sky is bright and the sun is out, because there are no street lights or any kind of lighting there at night, and you might get lost or fall down easily.

Bird watching within Marsh Trail

Tampines Eco Green is a great location to see Baya Weavers up close and to hide behind one of the numerous bird hides to observe perched birds and wadlers in the park’s natural ponds. The structures for the bird-watching hides are fashioned out of twigs and branches, and you may find one along the Marsh Trail. A bird hide gives you the opportunity to blend in so you may see wildlife, particularly birds, up close without disturbing the animals. Birds like the Asian Golden Weave and the Blue-capped Cordon-blue are also present. This is definitely a rare opportunity for you in Singapore.

It is possible to see the park’s 75 recognized bird species without drawing their attention to your presence thanks to the jumble of branches and twigs. Dead trees outside the park, often known as snags, are left standing in contrast to the well-kept park and are used by birds like woodpeckers as nesting grounds.

Walk along the Forest Trail

The Forest Trail is a kilometre-long stroll that gets cooler as you proceed because it is lined with dense trees and canopies. If you want to feel like you are outside of Singapore while still remaining in it, this is a good place for you to visit. Additionally, the entire park is actually located in heartland Singapore, but you do not feel that at all once you are inside here.

Explore Diversity Trail and the eco-toilet there within Tampines Eco Green

Walk down the 1.2-kilometres Diversity Trail, which is covered in plush Manila Grass. Tall, slender trees will tower over you on either side. The Eco-Toilet, the first of its kind in Singapore’s public parks, is a little off the Diversity Trail. It is a system that uses bacteria and wood shavings to turn human waste into compost without the use of water or chemicals. Also, don’t worry about odors in this space—it’s well ventilated!