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Thomson Nature Park is a nature park in Singapore with trails that allow you to explore the ruins of an abandoned 1930s Hainan village.

Thomson Nature Park Singapore Overview

Between Old Upper Thomson Road and Upper Thomson Road, to the east of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) in Singapore, Thomson Nature Park joins other nearby parks like Springleaf and Windsor Nature Parks in extending the CCNR’s natural buffer zone. Due to Thomson Nature Park’s rich cultural heritage as the location of a former Hainan Village, this 50-hectare buffer Thomson Nature Park is quite special. Thomson Nature Park also supports a wide range of biodiversity, and it is particularly important as a site for the critically endangered Raffles’ Banded Langur conservation.

Thomson Nature Park has a rich history in Singapore, and you can learn more about its history by looking at the Thomson Nature Park trail map and walking along the various different trails within Thomson Nature Park and visit the ruins, Hainan Village and more.

Discover the 3.8 km of five trails that circle the road system of the former village within the present day Thomson Nature Park. They have been carefully chosen to give visitors an understanding of both the range of floral and animal species found in Thomson Nature Park as well as the methods of living during the kampung era in Singapore. Thomson Nature Park’s Stream and Ferns Trail enables visitors to appreciate the freshwater habitat in Thomson Nature Park and observe the great diversity of ferns and aquatic animals present, while the Ruins and Figs Trail offers visitors the chance to experience the heritage highlights of the Hainan Village through carefully conserved ruins within Thomson Nature Park of Singapore.

You might want to eat some food first before going to Thomson Nature Park, or also bring some snacks, because there is no food near or cafe near Thomson Nature Park. There are no eateries, food or cafe within the park too.

Thomson Nature Park map

Here is a map of Thomson Nature Park, Singapore.

Thomson Nature Park map

Activities to do at Thomson Nature Park

The truth is that Thomson Nature Park is more suitable for adults, as there are no playgrounds and the like here. Do note Thomson Nature Park is also slightly unusual compared to other parks in Singapore, because it has opening and closing hours. The opening hours of Thomson Nature Park are from 7am to 7pm daily only.

Explore the different trails within Thomson Nature Park

There are several different trails you can take in Thomson Nature Park, Singapore.

Take the Rambutan Trail

The 400 metres Rambutan Trail is a short trail that is close to the Main Entrance of Thomson Nature Park. When you cross the gantry at the main entry or entrance of Thomson Nature Park, turn right into the parking lot, continue walking until you reach the end, and you will see the entrance to Rambutan Trail. The narrative of Mr. Han Wai Toon and Mr. Looi Im Heok is presented in Rambutan Trail.

Mr. Han Wai Toon was a diligent man from the island of Hainan. Despite having little formal education, he progressed from being a simple clerk to being the owner of a prolific garden with over 400 rambutan trees. Remains of the stairs leading to Mr. Han’s farmhouse can be found along the trail.

Before making his home in Singapore, Mr. Looi Im Heok worked as a rubber merchant in Malaya. In 1938, he relocated to Hainan Village and constructed a residence as well as Tong Poh Primary School. In 1961, his son, Mr. Looi Kim Eng, opened a shop called Looi’s Motor that quickly became a hub for motorcycle riders and racing aficionados. Today, Looi’s Motor is a successful company with its headquarters in Kaki Bukit of Singapore.

Take the Ruins and Figs Trail (Red Trail) to see the Hainan Village ruins

Ruins and Figs Trail concentrates mainly on the Hainan Village ruin site within Thomson Nature Park and the remaining fig tree roots. Because the Thomson Nature Park Hainan Village has been long abandoned and is in complete ruins, there were rumors of Thomson Nature Park’s Hainan Village being haunted. Whether you want to believe it is haunted or not is up to you, but definitely visit the ruins if you want to learn more about history.

Take the Stream and Ferns Trail (Yellow Trail)

The stream that the former inhabitants of Hainan Village originally used and the lovely ferns that surround it are the main features of the Stream and Ferns Trail within Thomson Nature Park.

Take the Langur Trail

The 150-metre-long boardwalk trail known as Langur Trail of Thomson Nature Park also doubles as the entrance to Thomson Nature Park. Due to its brief length, this path should not be disregarded because it has several hidden jewels. You can first view a very old tree from a little lookout platform. Additionally, there is a ruin next to the entrance that is not shown on the Singapore NParks map.

Take the Macaque Trail

The 350-metre-long Macaque Trail, which gets its name from a kind of monkey, is mostly made of gravel and earth and serves as a gateway to Thomson Nature Park of Singapore.

How to go to Thomson Nature Park

There are a few ways on how to get to Singapore’s Thomson Nature Park.

How to get to Thomson Nature Park by MRT

As you probably have realized, such parks are often inaccessible via MRT. Nonetheless, the nearest MRT station to Thomson Nature Park is the Upper Thomson MRT Station. After arriving, take exit 5, and take either bus 167 or 980 and alight at the “Aft Tagore Dr” bus stop. After alighting, you need to walk for approximately 200m to to reach its main entrance.

Thomson Nature Park car park

You can drive and park at the carpark at the main entrance of Thomson Nature Park, which is along Upper Thomson Road of Singapore. The 26 car park lot area is available for use at a rate of $0.60 per 30 minutes or part thereof.