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Themed as “Play Centre in the West”, West Coast Park is a park along West Coast Beach & covers roughly 50 hectares. Here is your complete guide for it!

West Coast Park Singapore Overview

Southwest of Singapore is where West Coast Park is located, a sizable regional park with the theme “Play Centre in the West.” West Coast Park is a 50-hectare linear park that runs parallel to the West Coast Highway of Singapore.

The Adventure Play Area within West Coast Park Singapore, which serves individuals of all ages—from toddlers to young adults—stands at the heart of Area 3. This area of West Coast Park is its center and busiest. The eastern portion of Area 1 would be a nice alternative for park visitors to unwind in if they prefer a calm and serene atmosphere. A refuge for park visitors who prefer hard and adventurous activities has been created in the park’s western section.

West Coast Park of Singapore, which spans an area of 50 ha (120 acres), is bordered to the north by West Coast Highway and to the south by Harbour Drive and the Straits of Singapore. West Coast Ferry Road also divides West Coast Park into two sections.

West Coast Park Map

Here is the map of West Coast Park and beach. Due to the large size of the map, you can click on the image of West Coast Park or West Coast Beach map below to zoom in.

West Coast Park map

Activities to do at West Coast Park

There are lots of activities that you can do at West Coast Park, and virtually all the activities are very family and kids friendly. This Singapore park is popular among both locals and expatriates in Singapore.

West Coast Park playground

One of the greatest thrills that outdoor playgrounds in Singapore used to offer was flying foxes. The expansive West Coast Park Adventure Playground has four entire lanes of zip lines that you can hop on at your leisure without having to wait in line, which will please both children and those who are still young in heart.

To prevent falls while the children run around, the ground of West Coast Park’s Adventure playground is completely coated with sand.

There are also play structures all around. As children scramble up the pyramid-shaped climbing nets with orbular space themes, they will feel on top of the world.

West Coast Park Mcdonald’s

If you have kids, West Coast Park Mcdonald’s is a popular spot for them to want to dine at after a tiring round of play at the park!

GoCycling @ West Coast Park – cycle along the cycling trails

From the eastern part of the park, a bicycle path circles the playground. No worries if you do not have a bicycle and need bicycle rental services, as there is a GoCycling West Coast Park for bike rental. The GoCycling Kiosk will allow you to rent a bike. GoCycling is located close to Carpark 2 of West Coast Park.

Stroll along West Coast beach

Since it is situated right next to West Coast beach, you can enjoy the beach views of the West Coast of Singapore when you are at West Coast Park.

Bird watching

The Marshland Boardwalk inside West Coast Park is a small green haven with a tiny lake and a wooden boardwalk winding through it at one end of the park. Visitors to the park can meander through Marsh Garden to see if they can identify the Striated Heron and White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus) (Butorides striata). Come by early in the morning and keep a close eye out if you are interested in seeing any wildlife. Some bird species, like the White-breasted Waterhen, Striated Heron, and hornbills, occasionally pass through; they are known to be particularly active in the early morning.

BBQ or barbecue

Would you like to prepare your own food and eat outside in Singapore? West Coast Park is a great place to host a BBQ. There are around 9 BBQ pits in Area 2.

Dog run at West Coast Park

One of the biggest dog runs in Singapore is the one at West Coast Park. Since few people in Singapore are aware of it, if your dog is timid, this is a great place for it to explore without being anxious around big packs of dogs. Your dog can play fetch, explore the wooden log obstacle course, or just relax outside. Owners can unwind at one of the covered tables scattered throughout the site in the interim. Before leaving the park, owners can wash their dogs at a dog wash that is next to Area 1’s restrooms (but some distance from the dog run). It boasts being the first DIY K9000 dog wash machine in Asia (and Singapore of course) and includes shampoo, conditioner, and a flea and tick rinse.

Kite flying

Enthusiasts of kite flying frequent West Coast Park. Take your kite to the Grand Lawn of West Coast Park, a 3-hectare open area, and enjoy flying it there!

Camp at West Coast Park

Would you like to spend the night outside? West Coast Park has designated locations where you can pitch a tent and spend the night. You must first apply for a camping permit in order to accomplish it. (To apply for a camping permit, you must have a legal residence address in Singapore.)

How to go to West Coast Park

If you are going by bus, here are the bus numbers that go to West Coast Park and beach: 143, 183, 188, 200, 30.

If you are going by MRT, the nearest MRT to West Coast Park is Clementi MRT Station (EW23).

If you are driving, there are several different carparks for you to be parking at West Coast Park. They are carpark 1, carpark 2, carpark 3 and the McDonald’s West Coast Park parking lots.