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Windsor Nature Park is a nature park in Singapore opened in 2017. Windsor Nature Park contains three hiking trails and a canopy walkway with marsh habitats. Located between Singapore’s urbanized regions and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Windsor Nature Park creates a lush buffer zone.

Windsor Nature Park Singapore Overview

The 75-hectare Windsor Nature Park serves as a natural barrier for the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and is accessible via Venus Drive in the Upper Thomson neighborhood.

Windsor Nature Park is home to numerous bird species, including the bigger racket-tailed drongo. An endangered mammal found in the park is the Sunda pangolin. The park is also home to a troop of single Raffles’ banded langur monkeys.

Visitors can explore brand-new paths like the Drongo Trail and the Hanguana Trail, which have been carefully selected. Rare native flora, some of which are named after Singapore, line the Hanguana Trail. The Drongo Trail includes a sub-canopy walk where visitors can examine the understorey of the secondary forest that is regenerating as well as receive a glimpse of the species that is located below the canopy level.

Hike on the renovated pathways and new boardwalks to discover more Windsor Nature Park treasures like a marsh ecosystem and many freshwater streams. At the visitor pavilion, visitors can also take part in programs to learn about Singapore’s natural history and ongoing efforts to conserve biodiversity.

Windsor Nature Park map

Here is a map of it for your convenience.

Windsor Nature Park map

Activities to do at Windsor Nature Park

Do note that at Windsor Nature Park in Singapore, there are no pets allowed except on Venus Walk, fishing and cycling is not allowed too. It is considered one of the stricter nature parks in Singapore. With that said, here are some activities you can do at Windsor Nature Park.

Hiking and appreciating nature at Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park has an estimated 4 kilometres of hiking trails spread over 75 hectares, and has many freshwater streams running through it. This and the marshes makes it an interesting park in Singapore to visit.

Visit Hanguana Trail

The 350m Telangana Trail is long. It is a lovely, brief boardwalk walk that lasts for around 15 minutes. It is covered in trees and greenery. The trail is lined with hundreds of trees of various native species. The route is really named for a kind of tree. The plant, from which the trail’s name is derived, is known as a hanguana plant. This is due to the Hanguana bushes that line the trail. Hanguana Rubinea and Hanguana Neglecta are the two varieties.

Beautiful streams may be found throughout the walk, and you might come across wild boars and reptiles as well. It’s a quick and pleasant stroll. Wheelchairs can also access the walkway. Thus, it is both easily accessible and enjoyable to visit and popular among both locals in Singapore as well as tourists to Singapore.

Take the Squirrel Trail and Drongo trail

The Squirrel Trail is around 2 to 2.5 kilometres long, and it got its name from the abundance of squirrels that can be seen on the pathways. It travels through a habitat of freshwater swamp, which can be quite unique in Singapore. You must travel the Venus circle in order to reach this trail. You can depart from this location along the Hanguana Trail. Here, the walkway consists of both boardwalks and cobbled paths.

There’s also the Drongo Trail close by. One of Windsor Nature Park’s most lovely areas, it is barely 150 meters long, a gorgeous walkway that passes in the middle of the dense greenery towering above. You will see a lot of monkeys along the trip.

Take the Treetop Walk within Windsor Nature Park

It will take at least 3 to 4 hours to complete this. It is a somewhat challenging hike. The longest of the four trails is actually this one. Therefore, it is moderately adventurous. This route will give you a comprehensive view of everything. An overview of Windsor Nature Park will be displayed. On your journey, you will observe a lot of dragonflies.

Take the Venus Loop

Without boardwalks, the daring Venus Loop can be difficult to navigate. Do not skip the Venus Loop if you are a naturally curious and adventurous person. It is a highly scenic 1.5 kilometres route within Windsor Nature Park that will take you close to an hour to complete.