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Facing the Straits of Johor, Woodlands Waterfront Park is Singapore’s Northernmost park. Here is what you can do here, including food, carpark rates and more!

Woodlands Waterfront Park Singapore Overview

Woodlands Waterfront Park, a picturesque and serene coastal park with an amazing view of the sea from the north of Singapore, is a favorite with locals and visitors of all ages. The 11-hectare Woodlands Waterfront Park is the perfect location for leisure activities because it has a sizable playground with a variety of equipment and a 1.5-kilometre seaside promenade.

What is the history of Woodlands Waterfront? Woodlands Waterfront Jetty was first opened back in 1966 in Singapore, and previously used by RMN for activities like the commissioning of new ships. However, when the RMN returned to Johor back in 1981, the naval base and jetty was abandoned until 1997 when Malaysia transferred the properties back to Singapore. It was then eventually transformed into the Woodlands Waterfront Park as we know it today.

The postal code and address for Woodlands Waterfront Park is Admiralty Road West Singapore 759956.

From elevated viewing spots and rest stops positioned along the picturesque trail at Woodlands Waterfront Park, visitors may take in an unhindered and expansive view of the entire coastline park and the Straits of Johor. Woodlands Waterfront Park’s undulating topography is also equipped with specialized jogging and cycling pathways, offering exercise enthusiasts daring and difficult trails.

The extensive network of local parks and park connectors in Singapore includes Woodlands Waterfront, making the shoreline easier to access. The Northern Explorer Loop connects it to the pre-existing Admiralty Park as well.

Wondering how long is Woodlands Waterfront jetty? The Woodlands Waterfront Park jetty is 400 metres in length.

Woodlands Waterfront Park map

Here is a map of Woodlands Waterfront Park.

Woodlands Waterfront Park map

Activities to do at Woodlands Waterfront Park

Here are the things you can do at Woodlands Waterfront Park of Singapore.

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

Dine at Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant for their halal food, BBQ seafood and western cuisine too. Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant is situated at the jetty of Woodlands Waterfront Park.

Fishing at Woodlands Waterfront Park jetty

You can fish at Woodlands Waterfront Park on the jetty itself and also along the coastal path leading to the jetty.


With its clear pathways and more, you can cycle at Woodlands Waterfront Park. However, you need to bring your own bicycle, as there are no bike rental stores at the park.


There is a huge playground available for children to play at Woodlands Waterfront Park for free. There are high elements such as bridges and towers which is less frequently seen at most other Singapore parks’ playgrounds. The playground is situated near the carpark for Woodlands Waterfront Park and near its main entrance too.


There is a picnic green here. You can picnic at Woodlands Waterfront park as the place is relatively flat and suitable for picnic with family or friends. Just make sure to clean up your stuff before leaving afterwards!

How to go to Woodlands Waterfront Park

If you are getting to Woodlands Waterfront Park by MRT, the nearest MRT is Woodlands North MRT Station and take Exit 1.

If you are going to Woodlands Waterfront Park by bus, you can take bus number 856.

There is a car park for you to use at Woodlands Waterfront Park. Parking is free daily between 630am to 830am, and parking rates are $0.60 per 30 minutes or part thereof from 830am to 630am the next day.