Bugis Junction Mall – 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021

Name: Bugis Junction

Address: 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021

Opening days: Daily

Bugis Junction opening hours: 10am to 10pm

Opened: 1995

Owner: CapitaLand

Bugis Junction Singapore Overview

Currently owned by CapitaLand, Bugis Junction is an integrated development in Singapore located at Victoria Street of Singapore and consists of a shopping mall, an office tower and InterContinental Singapore Hotel.

Parco Bugis Junction, developed by Parco Holdings, was finished in 1995 in Singapore as a mixed development containing a shopping centre, an office building, and the InterContinental Singapore Hotel. The project included the reconstruction of the original shophouses that were once located on Bugis Street Singapore, Malay Street Singapore, and Hylam Street Singapore, on which it was erected. These three streets in Singapore were completely air-conditioned and coated in glass.

Seiyu was Singapore’s first department store within Bugis Junction, and it was the anchor tenant of Parco Bugis Junction. Bugis Junction mall’s original offerings included a United Artists movie theatre, a food court, and 112 specialized stores. After Shaw Theatres acquired United Artists’ Singapore business, it took over the theatre within Bugis Junction in late 2001.

When Parco Holdings sold Parco Bugis Junction to CapitaLand of Singapore in 2005, Bugis Junction mall received significant renovations and had its tenant mix altered. When Iluma was acquired by CapitaLand in 2012, the mall was connected to Bugis Plus, a more recent shopping centre across Victoria Street Singapore, by an overhead bridge. Bugis Junction mall itself received renovations in 2016, including the replacement of the video game arcade with a one-stop electronics and IT hub and the conversion of the movie theatre into a gym and restaurants. One of the biggest stores at Bugis Junction now would be BHG.

While Bugis Junction is known mainly for being a shopping centre in Singapore, Bugis Junction actually has office premises too and it is a top tier office building called Bugis Junction Towers.

If you are going to Bugis Junction by MRT, the nearest MRT is the Bugis MRT Station (EW12 / DT14).

If you are headed to Bugis Junction via bus, take one of the following buses: 7, 61, 130, 175 and 197.

Bugis Junction food directory

Wondering what to eat in Bugis Junction mall? Find out the most famous food at Bugis Junction below – cafes, restaurants and more.

Food court (Food Junction at Bugis Junction)

There is a big food court available at Bugis Junction. So you need not worry in case your significant other, friends or children cannot decide what to eat! If you need Halal food, then the food court is also a good choice for you.


Another popular food option in Singapore if you are not sure what to eat at a mall is McDonald. Fret not because there is also a McDonald’s at level 1 of Bugis Junction mall!

KFC @ Bugis Junction

Another often frequented fast food restaurant in Singapore would be none other than KFC! There is a KFC at basement 1 or unit B1-09 of Bugis Junction mall, for your finger licking good fried chicken meals!

TanYu Bugis Junction

An increasingly well liked Chinese food restaurant in Singapore, Tan Yu Bugis Junction is found at level 2 or unit 02-45 of Bugis Junction mall.

Japanese food in Bugis Junction

There are multiple Japanese food restaurants within Bugis Junction mall, and they include but are not limited to Bachmann Japanese Restaurant at unit 01-01, Itacho Sushi at unit B1-05, and Kogane yama at unit 02-50 of Bugis Junction.

Cake shop and bakeries at Bugis Junction

There are multiple different cake shop or bakeries within Bugis Junction too. Some of them include Butter Studio at unit 01-61, BreadTalk at B1-23 and Bengawan Solo at B1-03A of Bugis Junction shopping mall.

Bugis Junction shops and stores directory

For such a large shopping centre in Singapore, you can be sure that Bugis Junction would also have lots of shops and stores that people in Singapore often frequent!


Nowadays, it feels like there is a Daiso branch at nearly every shopping mall in Singapore. But with good reason, because it offers good and cheap household items! There is a Daiso at level 3 of Bugis Junction mall.

BHG Bugis Junction

One of the most famous shop or department store at Bugis Junction, BHG takes up a whopping three level retail space at Bugis Junction. Therefore, you can find and access BHG at either level 1 or level 2 or even level 3 of Bugis Junction!

BHG Bugis Junction opening hours

BHG Bugis Junction opening hours is from 10am-10pm daily.

Challenger (Flagship Store) at Bugis Junction

There is a big flagship store for Challenger at Bugis Junction. If you want to go an actually big (and not mini) Challenger store, then this Challenger flagship store at Bugis Junction should be able to fulfill your shopping needs. Find them at B1-26 of Bugis Junction shopping centre.

Challenger Bugis Junction opening hours

Challenger Bugis Junction opening hours is from 11am-9:30pm daily.


A well known variety store with branches all across Singapore, if you want all kinds of minimalistic and affordable lifestyle products, head over to Muji at level 3 of Bugis Junction.

Muji Bugis Junction opening hours

Muji Bugis Junction opening hours is from 11am-9pm daily.

Singapore telcos at Bugis Junction

Whether you use StarHub, M1 or Singtel, you will be able to find branches of these telco brands in Singapore at Bugis Junction. M1 Bugis is found at 01-81/82 of Bugis Junction, and Singtel is found at unit 01-50/50A, and StarHub is situated at unit 01-51 of Bugis Junction mall.


One of Singapore’s favorite sportswear brands and stores, there is an adidas shop at unit 02-13 of Bugis Junction.

Bugis Junction parking rate

The parking rate for Bugis Junction’s car park for Friday is quite unusual. See the following.

Bugis Junction parking rate – Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays (before 5pm)

1st hour between 8am to 5pm (including Fridays): $2.20

Subsequent 10 minutes or part thereof between 8am to 5pm (including Fridays): $0.40

Per entry after 5pm: $3.30

Carpark parking rate – Fridays (5pm onwards), Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

1st 2 hours for whole day: $3.30

Subsequent 10 minutes or part thereof for whole day: $0.35