Chinatown Point – 133 New Bridge Road Singapore 059413

Name: Chinatown Point

Address: 133 New Bridge Road Singapore 059413

Opening days: Daily

Chinatown Point opening hours: 10am to 10pm

Phone number: 6702 0114

Opened: 1990

Owner: Perennial Real Estate Holdings, SEB, NTUC FairPrice, Singapore Press Holdings

Chinatown Point Singapore overview

Owned by Perennial Real Estate Holdings, SEB, NTUC FairPrice and Singapore Press Holdings, Chinatown Point is a shopping centre in Singapore at the junction of Upper Cross Street and New Bridge Road Singapore.

Perennial (Singapore) Retail Management paid City Developments Limited S$250 million in July 2010 to acquire Chinatown Point mall. Chinatown Point then received a S$90 million renovation from 2011 to 2012, resulting in an 18% increase in the total store floor area. During this renovation, the basement car park was moved to higher levels to make space for more retail shops below.

If you are going to Chinatown Point via MRT, the nearest MRT is the Chinatown MRT station (NE4/DT19).

If you are headed to Chinatown Point via bus, alight at bus stop 05049 after taking one of these buses: 143, 33, 147, 51.

Chinatown Point food directory for restaurant dining

The restaurant dining stores you find inside Chinatown Point Singapore are mostly Asian or Chinese food focused (of course – just read the name of the shopping mall).

Peach Garden @ Chinatown Point

Peach Garden is a very well recommended restaurant store selling Chinese food at #02-36 of Chinatown Point.

Xing Hua Chinatown Point

Another Chinese restaurant within Chinatown Point, Xing Hua is located at #02-01/02 of the shopping centre.

Danji Korean BBQ at Chinatown Point

Danji Korean BBQ is a highly recommended Korean BBQ store and restaurant at #02-35 of Chinatown Point.

Victor’s Kitchen dim sum restaurant Chinatown Point

Victor’s Kitchen is a discreet looking restaurant at B1-33 of Chinatown Point which serves up good dim sum food. Victor’s Kitchen Chinatown Point opening hours are 1030am to 9pm daily.

Nanbantei at Chinatown Point

Nanbantei is a Yakitori restaurant situated at #02-40 of Chinatown Point Singapore.

Genki Sushi @ Chinatown Point

With sushi stores all across Singapore, Genki Sushi also has a branch at B1-14 of Chinatown Point.


A common meeting point for many friends, Starbucks cafe is located at #01-08 of Chinatown Point Singapore.

Hey Long Cha bubble tea Chinatown Point

Looking for some bubble tea? Then head down to B1-46 of Chinatown Point where you will be able to shop at Hey Long Cha store.

PlayMade bubble tea

Another option if you want bubble tea, PlayMade store is located at B1-42 of Chinatown Point Singapore.


Kiwami is a highly popular and extremely well reviewed ramen and gyoza bar selling Japanese food at #02-38 of Chinatown Point Singapore.

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

If you want to eat some tasty dessert, then go to Mei Heong Yuen Dessert at B2-32/33 of Chinatown Point.


Dine at Subway healthy fast food restaurant at B1-37 of Chinatown Point mall. Subway Chinatown Point opening hours are daily 8am to 10pm.


Everyone knows McDonald’s. Dine at McDonald’s fast food restaurant at #01-03 of Chinatown Point mall. Chinatown Point Mcdonald opening hours are 730am to 11pm daily except for Fridays and Saturdays where they are opened from 730am to 12am.

Prata Wala

Prata Wala is a famous restaurant selling Indian food, which is also halal. Dine at Prata Wala at B1-44/45 of Chinatown Point.

Chinatown Point directory for shop and stores

Chinatown Point may not necessarily be seen as a retail haven with lots of shops and store brands, but Chinatown Point Singapore definitely has all the necessary shops.

NTUC FairPrice Chinatown Point

Shop for your groceries at NTUC FairPrice supermarket at B1-01 of Chinatown Point Singapore. Chinatown Point NTUC opening hours are between 8am to 11pm daily.

Daiso at Chinatown Point

Shop at Daiso variety store at B2-01 of Chinatown Point Singapore. Daiso Chinatown Point opening hours are between 10am to 10pm daily.


Shop for your health and personal care goods at Guardian store at B1-34 of Chinatown Point.


Another health, beauty and personal care shop, Watsons store is located at B1-28/29 of Chinatown Point.

Chinatown Point parking rate

The carpark charges for Chinatown Point are as follows and is the same for weekdays, weekends and public holidays in Singapore.

Chinatown Point parking rates for its carpark

Every 30 minutes or part thereof between 7am to 5pm: $1.61

Per entry between 5pm to 7am: $3.21