i12 Katong Mall – 112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802

Name: i12 Katong

Address: 112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802

Opening days: Daily

i12 Katong opening hours: 10am to 10pm

A seven-story shopping center in the east of Singapore is called i12 Katong (formerly known as Katong Mall and Katong People’s Complex). i12 Katong is situated where East Coast Road and Joo Chiat Road meet. i12 Katong mall had been closed for redevelopment since March 2020. i12 Katong reopened sporadically on December 23, 2021, and formally on June 23, 2022.

This mall had featured a prison-like outside appearance when it was finished in late 1983 (long ago) as Katong People’s Complex, including exposed blue pipes. Back then, it was a strata-titled mall in Singapore with a department store and a number of stores and restaurants. Inside the mall, there were a lot of medical facilities.

The mall’s facade was updated and given a new name in 1995 – Katong Mall. Cold Storage supermarket took the place of the department store, while various educational institutions in Singapore occupied the mall’s higher floors. The mall’s basements had a variety of strata named flats as well as an electronics store.

Due to poor business in the mall, Pua Seck Guan, the former CEO of CapitaLand Retail, purchased Katong Mall in 2009 as part of an en bloc sale for $247.55 million. Following that, a private trust called Perennial Katong Retail Trust was established to acquire the mall from Golden Cape Investment, a subsidiary of Tuan Sing Holdings. Corporate, institutional, and Pua were among the trust’s investors.

In order to revitalize the mall and have it undergo a substantial facelift, the mall closed its doors in the middle of 2010. As a reminder of its location, it had a Peranakan theme when it reopened as i12 Katong in late 2011. In addition, i12 Katong mall housed a Golden Village movie theater, a Food Republic food court, a Cold Storage gourmet grocery, banks, and more than 150 speciality stores. On the fourth floor of i12 Katong, there was a playground that was both wet and dry.

Early in 2016, Keppel Land paid i12 Katong mall’s owners $51.4 million in exchange for a 22.4% share in the building.

The fourth-floor play deck of i12 Katong will be converted into an outdoor dining space, according to designs released in May 2016. A non-profit organization is also expected to occupy space in the mall.

At a cost of $56.6 million in December 2018, Keppel Land paid the subsidiary of Alpha Asia Macro Trends Fund for the remaining 77.6% of the mall. i12 Katong’s atrium was moved to Level 1, where it will have three zones: Fashion Lifestyle, Home and Living, and Family Entertainment.

Nearby malls in the Katong area include the famous Parkway Parade and the much older Katong Shopping Centre.

Then there was the latest renovation which then resulted in the i12 Katong as we know it today. Along with 180 new specialty stores, new tenants inside i12 Katong include Climb Asia,  Kindermusik With Love Studios, We are Sultans, and Scoop Wholefoods. Additionally, the Peranakan concept will be dropped, and the company will rename to match modern trends.

The 23rd of June 2022 saw i12 Katong reopening. Among the new tenants in i12 Katong are Core Clinic, a medical co-working space with clinic rooms and medical facilities, and Bistro Bytes, where clients could pick up their food and beverage orders from completely automated lockers. i12 Katong mall also offers brand-new amenities including urban farm areas, food digestors to break down food waste from F&B outlets, and chargers for electric vehicles in i12 Katong’s carpark parking lots.

i12 Katong Shops

i12 Katong mall reopened on December 23, 2021, after being shuttered since March 2020 for substantial rehabilitation work in an effort to “capture the charm and character of Katong.” i12 Katong mall is presently 50% leased, with returning tenants CS Fresh, Golden Village, United World Preschool, and Wine Connection, it was revealed in April 2021. i12 Katong also has convenience stores such as Watsons and Guardian too.

Golden Village cinema at i12 Katong

If you want to watch a movie, you can catch it at Golden Village or GV at i12 Katong. This Golden Village or GV movie theatre at i12 Katong has Gold Class movie options available as well. GV is found at level 5 of i12 Katong mall.

CS Fresh supermarket

i12 Katong also has a supermarket which is of quite a unique brand and less heard of in Singapore called CS Fresh.

i12 Katong food options

Some of the food options within the new i12 Katong include but are not limited to Guzman Y Gomez, Malaysia Boleh, PS Café, Signature KOI, among others. The following are some of the more popular food restaurants and cafes within i12 Katong.

i12 Katong PS Cafe

Located at level 1 of i12 Katong near i12 Katong mall’s entrance, PS Cafe is a popular place amongst Singaporeans when they want to enjoy a nice meal at a nice cafe. Many people in Singapore like to gather at PS Cafe for a meal, and so i12 Katong’s PS Cafe usually sees a decent amount of customers at any point in time.

Tim Ho Wan @ i12 Katong

A highly famous dim sum restaurant from Hong Kong which caused long queues since it first opened in Singapore, Tim Ho Wan is the perfect place to dine at in i12 Katong if you like dim sum and Chinese food.


Like to eat ramen? Then you can head on over to Ippudo Ramen at i12 Katong at level 1 of the mall.

Malaysia Boleh at i12 Katong

A food court, Malaysia Boleh has been quickly growing in many shopping centres in Singapore, i12 Katong included. If you are not sure what to eat, and want a lot of choices at one place, check out the Malaysia Boleh food court at i12 Katong which is located at basement 1 of the mall.

i12 Katong parking rate

Here are the parking rates for i12 Katong. It is quite different from many other malls in Singapore because rates are different before and after 10am, while other places rarely make this distinction.

Mondays to Fridays i12 Katong parking rate

First hour or part thereof between 6am to 10am: $0.60

Subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof between 6am to 10am: $0.25

First hour or part thereof between 10am to 6pm: $1.08

Subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof between 10am to 6pm: $0.32

Per entry between 6pm to 6am: $3.05

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays i12 Katong parking rate

First hour or part thereof between 6am to 10am: $0.70

Subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof between 6am to 10am: $0.45

First 30 minutes or part thereof between 10am to 6pm: $1.30

Subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof between 10am to 6pm: $0.66

Per entry between 6pm to 6am: $3.05