Jewel Changi Airport – 78 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819666

Name: Jewel Changi Airport

Address: 78 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819666

Opening days: Daily

Jewel Changi Airport opening hours: 24 hours

Phone number: 6956 9898

Opened: 2019

Owner: Changi Airport Group CapitaLand Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd

Jewel Changi Airport Singapore overview

With its futuristic design and world’s biggest indoor waterfall, Jewel Changi Airport is a shopping mall which captured the attention of everyone in the world. Jewel shopping centre is directly connected to Terminal 1 of Singapore Changi Airport. Jewel is so famous in Singapore because of its iconic architecture, breathtaking indoor waterfall and its many famous retail shops.

Jewel has a hotel called YOTELAIR, around 300 shops and restaurants, gardens, and attractions in addition to early baggage check-in airport facilities. Jewel Changi Airport has 10 stories, five of which are above ground and five in the basement. The Shiseido Forest Valley, a five-story indoor garden, and the Canopy Park, a recreational area with gardens, are just two among many attractions at Jewel Changi Airport.

To keep Changi Airport’s position as a significant aviation hub in the Asia-Pacific, Jewel was developed. As part of Changi Airport’s long-term ambitions to increase its capacity by the middle of the 2020s and “provide more possibilities for Singapore and Singaporeans,” it was first highlighted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech in 2013.

Jewel, which was constructed over the existing open-air parking lot in front of Changi Airport Terminal 1, increased Terminal 1’s arrival hall and baggage reclaim areas by 70%, and it is anticipated that it would be able to handle up to an additional 24 million passengers annually. Six months after its soft opening, on October 18, 2019, Lee Hsien Loong formally opened Jewel Changi Airport. It got 50 million visitors during this time, or around 300,000 people every day. The biggest attraction at Jewel Changi Airport is the massive waterfall right in the middle of the shopping centre.

Owned by Changi Airport Group, CapitaLand and Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte Ltd, Jewel’s construction cost $1.7 billion.

A group of architects led by Moshe Safdie, who also designed Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, created Jewel’s glass and steel facade. The executive architect and structural engineers were RSP Architects Planners & Engineers. Peter Walker and Partners, who also collaborated with Safdie on the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City, was also previoyusly hired as Marina Bay Sands’ landscape architect. Interior design of Jewel Changi Airport was done by Benoy, while the facade of Jewel Changi was handled by Buro Happold Engineering and the lighting was handled by Lighting Planners Associates. Water design company WET Design created the Rain Vortex or waterfall. It is being projected with a 360-degree light and sound spectacle.

Because is a shopping centre, entry to Jewel Changi is free and requires no payment. Jewel Changi is also open 24 hours.

The Jewel light show happens hourly between 730pm to 1130pm daily.

If you are going to Jewel by MRT, the nearest MRT is the Changi Airport Station (CG2).

If you are going to Jewel Changi Airport by bus, these bus numbers go there: 24, 27, 36, 53, 110 and 858.

Jewel food directory for restaurant and cafe dining

Wondering what to eat at Jewel? There is no lack of food options regardless whether you prefer restaurant or cafe dining.

Tai Er Jewel Changi Airport

A very popular restaurant located at #03-208 of Jewel Changi Airport, Tai Er is a restaurant that specializes in selling the Chinese Sauerkraut fish, and often has a very long queue. If you want to dine at Tai Er, you are strongly recommended to make a prior online reservation.

Birds of Paradise Jewel Changi

A very renowned gelato store, Birds of Paradise is located at #01-254 of Jewel Changi.

Shake Shack Jewel

Shake Shack restaurant takes up 2 levels within Jewel Changi, and its entrance can be found at #02-256 of the mall. Shake Shack Jewel opening hours are between 10am to 10pm daily.

Tsui Wah at Jewel Changi

Tsui Wah is a Hong Kong style fast food restaurant located at #03-230 of Jewel Changi Airport.

Beauty in The Pot @ Jewel Changi Airport

Beauty in The Pot is a wildly popular hot pot restaurant and very delicious food located at B2-224 of Jewel Changi.

Perch at Jewel

Perch is a casual dining restaurant selling Asian Fusion food at #02-244/245 of Jewel Changi Airport.

A&W Jewel Changi

Since its reopening in Jewel Changi Airport after having left Singapore many years before, A&W has been a sensation with the people in Singapore. A&W fast food restaurant is found at B2-209 of Jewel Changi shopping mall. A&W Jewel opening hours are 830am to 11pm on Mondays to Thursdays, 830am to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays and 830am to 11pm on Sundays.

Burger and Lobster @ Jewel Changi

Burger & Lobster restaurant sells some of the best lobster and burger (no surprises) food at #05-203 or the highest floor of Jewel Changi Airport.

Violet Oon at Jewel

Looking for some Nyonya food? Then you need to be dining at Violet Oon restaurant at #01-205/206 of Jewel shopping mall.

Sanook Kitchen Jewel Changi Airport

Sanook Kitchen is a very well recommended and popular restaurant selling authentic Thai food. Sanook Kitchen is located at #03-223/224 of Jewel Singapore.

Jumbo @ Jewel

Jumbo seafood restaurant has a store at #03-202/203/204 of Jewel Changi.

Rich and Good Cake Shop

Virtually always seen with a long queue and with its food completely sold out early on in the day, Rich and Good Cake Shop is a famous cake shop at #01-232 of Jewel Changi Airport.

Arteastiq Jewel Changi

Arteastiq is a tea house located at the highest floor or more specifically #05-201 of Jewel Changi Airport mall.

Tanuki Raw

Tanuki Raw is a restaurant selling Japanese food at #05-202 of Jewel mall.

Tonito Jewel Changi Airport

Tonito is a Latin American restaurant situated at #02-248 of the shopping centre.

Din Tai Fung

With its signature Xiao Long Bao dish, Din Tai Fung restaurant is found at #03-214 of Jewel Changi Airport.

Mamma Mia @ Jewel

Mamma Mia is an insanely well reviewed and popular restaurant located at #04-200 of Jewel Changi Airport. Mamma Mia sells Italitan food.

Yun Nans

Yun Nans is a Chinese restaurant with very good reviews and is located at #02-217 of Jewel Singapore. Yun Nans specializes in food from Yunnan Province.

Prive Jewel Changi Airport

Prive is a Western restaurant situated at #05-204 of Jewel. Because of its location at the highest level of Jewel and the high ceilings, Prive feels like alfresco dining indeed (the entire shopping centre is sheltered).


One of the top restaurants in Singapore, Putien sells Chinese food and can be found at #02-249 of Jewel.


Arabica is a cafe located at #01-K208 of Jewel Changi.

Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei Japanese restaurant sells sashimi, sushi and more. Sushi Tei is found at #03-209 of Jewel mall at Changi Airport.

Lady M

Lady M cake shop can be found at #02-253 of the shopping mall.

Jinjja Chicken @ Jewel Changi

Jinjja Chicken is a famous Korean restaurant chain with affordable Korean food. Jinjja Chicken is located at B1-247 of the mall.

Kko Kko Nara Jewel

Kko Kko Nara is yet another Korean restaurant in Jewel Changi Airport, and is situated at #02-243 of the shopping centre.

Poulet Bijou

With lots of excellent online reviews, Poulet Bijou is a French themed bistro or restaurant located at #01-227 of Jewel Changi.

Hot Tomato

Hot Tomato is a casual steakhouse located at #04-229 of Jewel Singapore.

Tim Ho Wan

With its famous dim sum dishes, Tim Ho Wan is found at #02-223 of Jewel Changi Airport mall.

Monster Planet

Monster Planet is a restaurant specializing in Japanese curry. You can be dining at Monster Planet at #03-200 of Jewel.

Pizza Maru

Pizza Maru is a Korean pizza chain and has a store at #04-222 of Jewel.

Jewel directory for shop and stores

Being a huge shopping centre, you can be sure that Jewel mall at Changi Airport has lots of shops and stores to meet everyone’s shopping needs or wants!

Shaw Theatres cinema @ Jewel Changi

Shaw Theatres cinema is located at B2-237 of Jewel. There is also IMAX movie watching experience available at Shaw Theatres at Jewel Changi.

Zara Jewel Changi Airport

Zara clothing store has a retail shop at basement 1 of Jewel shopping mall. Zara Jewel opening hours are between 10am to 10pm daily.

Apple store at Jewel Changi

Apple store is found at #02-234 of Jewel Changi Airport. Apple Store Jewel opening hours are between hours of 10am to 10pm daily.

Uniqlo Jewel

Uniqlo clothing store at Jewel Changi Airport is one of the largest shops Uniqlo has in Singapore. The Uniqlo shop at Jewel Changi Airport is located at B1-212 to 216 of the shopping centre. Uniqlo Jewel opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.

Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport

Located at the highest level of Jewel, Canopy Park is an attraction with Mirror Maze and more. Mirror Maze Jewel Canopy Park opening hours are 10am to 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 10am to 11pm on Fridays to Sundays.


Nike sportswear store has a retail shop at #02-232/233 of Jewel Singapore. Nike Jewel opening hours are 11am to 9pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 11am to 10pm on Fridays to Sundays.


Turtle is a gift shop which has a store at #02-205/206 of Jewel Changi.


Muji is a shop at #02-227/228/229 of Jewel Changi which sells minimalist household items and products.


Adidas sports store has a branch at #02-246/247 of Jewel Changi.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer department store is situated at B1-208/209/210 of Jewel Changi.

Jewel parking rate

The charges for using Jewel Changi Airport’s car park are very straightforward and is the same for weekdays, weekends as well as public holidays in Singapore.

Jewel parking rates

Per minute or part thereof: $0.04