Loyang Point – 259 Pasir Ris Street 21 Singapore 510259

Name: Loyang Point

Address: 259 Pasir Ris Street 21 Singapore 510259

Opening days: Daily

Opening hours: 24 hours

Loyang Point, a HDB owned shopping centre, is situated at 259 Pasir Ris Street 21, Singapore 510259. Loyang Point was constructed in 1995. Due to its advantageous location and a number of nearby attractions, this commercial property, which is primarily used for retail rent and sales, sees a lot of foot traffic from both residents and visitors. One of Singapore’s 22 Housing Development Board (HDB) shopping centers, Loyang Point is also one of the six Housing and District Board buildings on the island that have been put up for refurbishment, which would cost a total of $48 million.

In order to make Loyang Point more enticing and offer additional retail opportunities to compete with other shopping malls in the area for customers, it underwent a structural and aesthetic refurbishment in 2016—a facelift. The two-year facelift was successful since it helped boost the shop’s capacity, infrastructure, and facade. Before the renovation, the current two-story Loyang Point structure was a one-story complex with attached wings.

In terms of size, space, and amenities like the new elevators and escalators that have been constructed as well as a wider walkway to accommodate more foot traffic, Loyang Point mall is 30% larger than it was as of 2017. In order to give you a larger variety of cuisines to pick from, Loyang Point now has extra parking spaces in addition to a bigger range of businesses and dining alternatives. A larger parking area increases your chances of finding a spot to park, which enhances your shopping experience. Following a two (2) year refurbishment that was completed in phases, Loyang Point was finally reopened in May 2017. A 15% increase from the initial 60 businesses after the remodeling took place, it now has a total retail capacity of 77.

In the early to late 1990s, the Loyang Point Shopping Mall was a huge deal because it was one of Singapore’s first independent, fully air-conditioned neighborhood shopping malls. The Loyang Point is a great destination for customers who prefer a calm setting and can’t tolerate a large throng when shopping for their necessities because of its blocked location.

Giants and Sheng Shong are two well-known large supermarkets that are located in Loyang Point. It also houses two food courts where a variety of dishes, including western, Japanese, and local cuisine, are sold. The Loyang Options offers her residents and neighbors more dining options than the bulk of other heartland places. From early in the morning at 7 am until late at night at 11 pm, the Loyang Point retail mall is open to the public for 16 hours each day.