Orchard Central – 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

Name: Orchard Central

Address: 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896

Opening days: Daily

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm

Phone number: 6238 1051

Opened: 2009

Owner: Far East Organization

Orchard Central Singapore Overview

Orchard Central is a shopping mall located at 181 Orchard Road. Created by DP Architects and owned by Far East Organization, Orchard Central has 12 above-ground floors and 2 basement levels and was intended to be Singapore’s first vertical mall and was opened in 2009. In contrast to conventional mall designs, Orchard Central lacks a central atrium and has a “mega escalator” that whisks people from the street level up to Level 4 of Orchard Central. A total of 52 escalators, including 6 super escalators, and 12 glass elevators serve Orchard Central mall.

Up to 400 stores can fit in Orchard Central, including the largest Uniqlo flagship in Singapore, a 24-hour Don Don Donki store, and Tokyu Hands. In addition, there are several eateries and cafes spread across Orchard Central’s fourteen stories of space.

Orchard Central Singapore also houses a bus terminal for tourists to Singapore, a visitor center, a currency exchange, and tourist-focused duty-free shops.

Orchard Central has a 140-metre shopping street discovery walk and a green rooftop that are both accessible to the general public around-the-clock. The green rooftop of Orchard Central Singapore, created by the Japanese design firm Super Potato, has two smaller green walls on the roof terrace on the 12th level and three larger live walls and a balcony rail on the 11th floor. Additionally, a biological pond can be seen on the green roof’s 12th floor.

Open-sided galleries and many atriums are among Orchard Central’s additional attractions. Orchard Gateway and 313@Somerset are connected to the mall.

Artworks from Orchard Central are always on exhibit in groups of places all across the shopping mall. The display is more than $9 million Singapore dollars (SGD) in value. The display’s artworks were chosen by Singapore’s National Arts Council. The project’s entire development costs are predicted to exceed SGD$650 million.

The artwork on show was expressly commissioned, and it was created by artists from the United States, Japan, Australia, and Denmark.

If you are going to Orchard Central by the MRT, the nearest station will be the Somerset MRT Station (NS23).

If you are headed to Orchard Central by bus, the following bus numbers can alight you near there at Midpoint Orchard: 7, 14, 14E, 16, 65, 106, 111, 123, 175, 502, 502A, 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, NR6 and NR7.

Orchard Central directory for shops

With so many levels, you can rest assured that Orchard Central has lots of different retail shops for you to pick from to fulfil your shopping desires in Singapore. Here are among the most often searched for shops at Orchard Central.

Uniqlo @ Orchard Central

A popular and still growing brand in Singapore, Uniqlo’s casual wear clothes are a hit with people in Singapore. Uniqlo’s branch at Orchard Central can be found at level 1 to level 4 of Orchard Central. Orchard Central Uniqlo branch is particular huge because it is a global flagship store.

Don Don Donki

Nearly everyone in Singapore who has been do Don Don Donki can sing its catchy song that is always played at its shops. With lots of yummy Japanese food, check out this Don Don Donki supermarket at basement 1 and 2 of Orchard Central. This Don Don Donki’s brnach is also very big.

K Star (Orchard Central)

Feel like singing your hearts out? Then head on over to K Star karaoke at level 5 of Orchard Central.

Orchard Central food directory and dining restaurants

Orchard Central is known for several of its food restaurants, cafe and more. The following are some of the most popular food options at Orchard Central. On a side note, Kumoya cafe is already permanently closed at Orchard Central.

Kiseki Japanese buffet at Orchard Central

Looking for a reasonably priced Japanese buffet restaurant at Orchard Central? Then head over to level 8 for Kiseki Japanese buffet restaurant.

Tung Lok @ Orchard Central

One of the most popular food and dining options at Orchard Central, Tung Lok or TungLok is found at the rooftop level or level 11 of Orchard Central.

Real Food

If you need to visit a vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, then you can consider dining at Real Food restaurant at level 2 of Orchard Central.

Tapas Club

Looking for food that is more exotic in Singapore? Then dine at Tapas Club at Orchard Central for some Spanish food! Found at #02-13 of Orchard Central, Tapas Club is quite popular among expats in Singapore.

Orchard Central Dancing Crab

Singaporeans absolutely love crab and seafood. If so, walk over to level 7 or #07-14/15 of Orchard Central for Dancing Crab seafood restaurant. Just keep in mind that this seafood restaurant that serves a mix of American and Singapore style seafood cuisine can be relatively costly for students that frequent Orchard Central. But it serves some of the best seafood in Singapore.

Orchard Central Genki Sushi

Almost always crowded on weekends and public holidays, Orchard Central Genki Sushi is a very popular Japanese sushi food dining option at Orchard Central. Be sure to go early or during off peak hours if you want to get seats at Orchard Central’s Genki Sushi easily. It is found at #04-30 of the mall.

Ban Heng

Located near Tung Lok, Ban Heng is another famous Chinese restaurant in Singapore. It is also found at level 11 or the rooftop level of Orchard Central and is open daily between 1130am to 10pm, but Ban Heng takes a short break in between 3pm to 6pm and is temporarily closed daily during those hours.

Lady M @ Orchard Central

Those searching for a Lady M cake shop in Singapore will be able to find one at level 1 and 2 of Orchard Central.

Baker X

If you prefer to visit a bakery instead at Orchard central, then you can find Baker X which is situated at level 4 of the shopping mall.

Shi Li Fang at Orchard Central

Almost everyone in Singapore loves a good hot pot restaurant. If you are searching for that at Orchard Central, then go to units #07-10/11 for Shi Li Fang @ Orchard Central.

Orchard Central parking rate

The car park rate at Orchard Central are as follows. It is quite unusual because its carpark rate is chargeable per 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 hours blocks.

Orchard Central carpark rate for Mondays to Fridays

First 1.5 hours or part thereof between 12am to 6pm: $3.13

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof between 12am to 6pm: $1.51

First 2.5 hours or part thereof between 6pm to 12am: $5.08

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof between 6pm to 12am: $1.84

Parking rate for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

First 2.5 hours or part thereof: $5.08

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.84