Orchard Gateway – 277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858

Name: Orchard Gateway

Address: 277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858

Opening days: Daily

Orchard Gateway opening hours: 1030am to 1030pm

Phone number: 6513 4633

Opened: 2014

Owner: United Engineers Ltd and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

Orchard Gateway Singapore overview

Orchard Gateway mall, which was announced in 2012, was created in collaboration with its co-owners, United Engineers Ltd and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation. Orchard Gateway is not under Capitaland. Orchard Gateway mall was supposed to be finished in 2013, but construction was delayed, and it did not open until 2014. Orchard Emerald and the Specialists Retail Center were demolished to make way for its construction.

Acting as the literal gateway or connection point between Orchard Central and 313 Somerset, Orchard Gateway is a shopping mall along Orchard Road Singapore with lots of thrilling shops and restaurants within its premises!

Orchardgateway is integrated with Jen hotel, which is located directly above the Orchard Gateway shopping centre. It is also the first Hotel Jen in Singapore, and was opened in 2014. Jen @ Orchardgateway is operated by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

The shopping mall is also connected via a glass link bridge to Orchard Emerald, which is also part of the mall, but is situated right across the road. Known as The Tube, the glass bridge of Orchard Gateway is located at level 3 of the mall.

If you are going to Orchardgateway via MRT, the nearest MRT is the Somerset MRT station (NS23).

If you are headed to Orchard Gateway by bus, take one of the following bus numbers: 65, 123, 143, 175 and 502.

Orchard Gateway food directory for cafe and restaurants

Orchard Gateway has quite interesting cafes and restaurants within the shopping centre. However, you may want to note that many people accidentally mistake food places as within Orchardgateway when in reality, they are in the neighbouring malls.

Starbucks Orchard Gateway

Dine at Starbucks at B2-05 of Orchard Gateway.

Flash Coffee at OrchardGateway

Buy a cup of coffee at Flash Coffee at #01-02 store at Orchard Gateway.

Supply and Demand @ Orchard Gateway

Dine at Supply and Demand, which is restaurant selling Italian food at #02-13/14 of Orchard Gateway.

Little Sheep Hot Pot

Dine at Little Sheep Hot Pot at B1-13 of Orchard Gateway.

4 Fingers

Want to eat some halal food at Orchardgateway? Then dine at 4 Fingers located at #01-04/05 of the mall.

Jianghu Hotpot buffet

If you want to eat good and affordably priced buffet food, then check out Jianghu Hotpot at #01-12 of Orchard Gateway.

Orchard Gateway directory for shops

Orchard Gateway also has quite an interesting selection of shops and stores within the mall, and is quite different compared to other shopping centres along Orchard Road. There are also some clothing stores like Press Stores, Sects Shop and Actually in Orchardgateway.

Pink Parlour Orchard Gateway

Need hair removal services? Then head to Pink Parlour at B2-18/18A of Orchard Gateway.


A public library under National Lirbary Board of singapore, library@orchard is situated at levels 3 and 4 of Orchard Gateway.

Dr Spa at Orchard Gateway

Shopping can be tiring! Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment at Dr Spa at B1-07 of Orchard Gateway.

LifeSpa OrchardGateway

There is also a LifeSpa which is situated at level 11 of Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, which is part of the same shopping mall but across the road which is linked by a glass bridge.

Number76 Hair Salon at Orchard Gateway

Get a haircut or your hair done up at Number76 Hair Salon, a very well reviewed hair salon located at #02-21/22/23 of Orchard Gateway.


Shop for personal care products at Watsons at B2-16/17 of Orchardgateway.

Things I Luv

Shop at Things I Luv at #02-05/06 of Orchardgateway.

Taoz Ceramics Studio pottery

Enjoy making ceramics and pottery at Taoz Ceramics Studio at #03-03 of Orchard Gateway.

Scarlett Supermarket

Shop for groceries at Scarlett supermarket at B1-03/04 of Orchard Gateway.

Foot Locker

Shop for your shoes at Foot Locker at level 3 of Orchard Gateway @ Emerald.

Orchard Gateway parking rates

The parking rates for the car park at Orchard Gateway as shown below.

Orchard Gateway parking rate for Mondays to Fridays

First 1 hour or part thereof between 12am to 6pm: $2.38

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof between 12am to 6pm: $1.51

First 1 hour or part thereof between 6pm to 12am: $2.48

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof between 6pm to 12am: $1.62

Carpark rate for Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays

First 1 hour or part thereof: $2.48

Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.62