Punggol Plaza – 168 Punggol Field Singapore 820168

Name: Punggol Plaza

Address: 168 Punggol Field Singapore 820168

Opening days: Daily

Opening hours: 7am to 11pm

Punggol Plaza is a shopping centre close to Coral Edge LRT station in Punggol, Singapore. The mall was one of the earliest structures established in Punggol to serve the requirements of the locals.  Punggol Plaza, owned and operated by Abundance Development, was created in 2004 to serve the people of Punggol, a town that had just been established. In September 2004, Punggol Plaza was formally inaugurated.

Since then, Punggol Plaza is mainly rented out and sold for commercial and retail purposes. To meet the demands of all shoppers, Punggol Plaza is crammed with retail businesses, food and beverage establishments, electronics shops, banks, learning facilities, hair salons, and so forth. Particularly for inhabitants of Punggol Singapore, Punggol Plaza is undoubtedly a one-stop shopping mall.

Each of the building’s four floors—which also includes two basements—offers a distinct function, such as a hair salon, a tutoring facility, a bank, or a restaurant. Punggol Plaza currently has three anchor tenants. The three anchor tenants are the Ai Muay Management-managed Fresh Market in the basement, Koufu on level 1, and NTUC FairPrice, which takes up most of the space on level 3.

Additionally, the mall contains a 2-story basement carpark. Shoppers can use the escalators and lifts in the mall to access the carpark at B1, but they must use the lift to access the carpark at B2. At the B2 parking lot, there is a car grooming business called Shalom Car Grooming.

On the first and second levels of the mall, there are further clinics that provide general practitioner and specialized medical services.

POSB Bank is the only bank currently offering services to visitors within Punggol Plaza and it is found on the third floor of Punggol Plaza.

The majority of the tutoring facilities, including music schools like Cristofori Music, are on the fourth floor. The fourth floor is also where the most of the hair salons are.

Punggol Plaza has offered free shuttle bus services since it opened in 2004. The free Punggol Plaza shuttle bus service between Punggol New Town and Sengkang New Town makes it simpler and more practical for those without cars to go to the mall.