Queensway Shopping Centre – 1 Queensway Singapore 149053

Name: Queensway Shopping Centre

Address: 1 Queensway Singapore 149053

Opening days: Daily

Queensway Shopping Centre opening hours: 830am to 1015pm

In Singapore’s Queenstown, there is a shopping center called Queensway Shopping Centre. One of Singapore’s earliest multi-use shopping centers, Queensway Shopping Centre has four stories and a basement parking level. Queensway Shopping Centre is a mixed-use building that also has a 13-story apartment building. Queensway Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s oldest malls and was founded in 1976.

Queensway Shopping Centre, which was constructed in 1975 and opened in 1976 in Singapore, offered Queenstown Singapore and Bukit Merah Singapore residents a variety of shopping and leisure opportunities. Since its opening, the mall—known to locals as “Singapore’s Sports Mall”—has become a well-liked destination for sporting goods.

Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore is distinguished by its octagonal front and sunken central concourse. Display windows on two floors can be found in units close to the concourse.

The mall’s layout resembles an octagon since it consists of a series of concentric circles that radiate outward. Many shoppers get disoriented in the mall due to its distinctive trigram structure. Queensway Shopping Centre has 150 stores with a mix of athletic goods, clothing, eyewear, printing services, and tailoring services as tenants. The mall has a big emporium, an exhibition hall, a coffee shop, and a nightclub in addition to being built to accommodate over 200 shops. It also has Singapore’s first set of built public escalators.

Queensway Shopping Centre parking rate

Queensway Shopping Centre has the same parking rates for every day of the week, including public holidays! Though the parking rate here is not cheap, it being the same daily is quite rare in Singapore.

Daily Queensway Shopping Centre parking rate

First hour between 8am to 6pm: $1.92

Subsequent 30 minutes between 8am to 6pm: $1.71

Per entry between 6pm to 8am (next day): $3.53